15.03.13 Art Nouveau and a Little Reminiscing…

Worked late last night trying to finish the facings on the Art Nouveau Jacket. I did finish all the parts and tacked them into place. Today I hope to finish, so I can get on with a tunic I’m designing. Colours chosen? Navy and cream with just a hint of red. I’ve been knitting in earth colours a lot lately and it will be fresh to my senses.

Today I took the dogs on the walk but in the reverse direction. I was quite early, dreaming my way through the park, when a loud “Good Morning” sent my heart thumping! Nick Holt, who tells me he spends far too much of his life on airplanes, out for his run. He has permission to use the farm tracks; today the ground is saturated and his trainers must act like weights – still, all good exercise. The day is overcast and dreary, the woods have a blue haze about them, a pretty colour, especially the wood over the valley which Arms-house barn with its terracotta pan-tiled roof snuggles into as if for shelter. My husband calls the wood Susan’s Wood because I, quite literally, planted it myself. I remember the planting day so clearly; I was waiting for some sheep to be delivered, ewes I’d bought, and from the vantage point on the hill I had a view of the road, so knew just when to leave the planting and welcome my flock. This, in turn, brought back another memory; of the day I purchased the sheep at a farm in Leicestershire. The vendor, a pretty woman who certainly knew her sheep, asked me if I had seen how well the thieves down in the bottom meadow looked. In ignorance, but imagining chaps in striped T-shirts, eye masks, and bags on their backs marked swag, I agreed they looked very well. It wasn’t until I consulted my sheep farming neighbour that I learned that a ‘thief’ was a twice-sheered sheep! Yearling, ewe, ram, even store lamb, any layman would understand, but thief – were did that come from? Mental note I must find out.

Right, today I will get on with the Art Nouveau (Orient Express) coat.

I am working on the coat with the fish border which I originally named the Orient Express coat: I may have to change the name. I’ve knitted a huge scarf as an interracial  part of the coat and to be fixed to the right side. I’ve lined it in a piece of exquisite greenish/blueish silk. But it’s not quite right, so the morning has been spent re-writing the pattern, dividing rows by stitches, it’s a big piece of knitting, I hope I’ve got it right this time and that I can understand what I’ve written. I am knitting the fish border in the evening, this is now the fifth attempt to make it right, and I’m very pleased with number 5 so far – watch this space!

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