Sadness resounds through our little valley. The new heifer calf, born only two weeks ago, has died. I don’t why – I shall no doubt hear, but it’s mother had bellowed for the little lost creature for forty eight hours, when I first heard her I thought she must be in great pain, now I know the reason, she is indeed, in very, very great pain.

A dull start to the day my alarm clock (otherwise known as my husband trying to get out of bed) sounded rather early, so the dogs, in turn, got their morning walk early. I met a strange man near the Hall wood; he turned out to be standing in for our gamekeeper who’s on holiday, I suppose I should have known that Andy was away. Luckily I didn’t ask what the hell he was doing there (nor he me! – which has happened before). I really should pay more attention!

Yesterday I finished the Orient Express/Art Nouveau jacket – well it’s more of a coat really. Rather a glamorous coat, I love wearing it but have only tried it out whilst Charlie took some photos:

Art-Nouveau2 Art-Nouveau About-photo

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4 Responses to 18.03.13

  1. Valerie says:

    Lovely coat! How long did it take you to make? 🙂


    • Hi Valerie, the knitting took me about a month, but I only knit in the evenings. The ‘putting’ together about three days, pretty full time. The pattern will soon be available on Pallas Designs. It’s really not difficult as it’s really just a bunch of squares put together. Best wishes Susan


  2. keiryberry says:

    Wow, the coat looks beautiful on you.


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