21.03.13 – Rollers and an Idol


I woke very early – it’s an exciting day ahead!

Dressed and, because of my exciting day, decided my hair needed a bit of uplift just at the front. Dug out the dusty, long unused, heat rollers and plugged them in, ‘Oh vanity thy name is woman’! I ignored that alarming burnt-dust smell as they warmed.

I selected the biggest and best roller (the one not cracked or chipped) and tried to apply it to the front of my rather long hair. I decided that the roller was okay the hair just too long, so I snipped the hair a little shorter, but stopped well short of giving myself a fringe…………………….. I think!

My important day – deep breath. – I’m off to London for a trustees meeting this afternoon (I really must try not to doodle jacket designs on the memo pad this time). Not that the meeting isn’t absolutely stimulating! And then! And then! I get to go and meet Kaffe Fassett!

Okay, so you do know who……………………

Well, he is my absolute idol, I have followed, borrowed and loved his work since, well, forever.

The ladies from Rowan arranged it and I am just sooooooooo excited, I  rarely ‘do’ excitement, so rarely in fact, that my mood has confused both the dogs and the children.

So, at seven this morning got ready to walk the dogs, roller still in situ, ah, what to do? I rarely meet anyone, the gamekeeper (on holiday) a tractor driver (too muddy to get on the land). But if I did meet someone? Imagine it, “I saw the Squire’s wife out in her curlers”. Okay then, not good, shall I put a hat on? “Saw the Squire’s wife, nasty bump she has on her head”. I opted for the hat – met no-one.

The cow still mourns but in a low, defeated way. She doesn’t even come over to the fence to say ‘hello’.

The weather is defying the forecast and it’s a spring-like day. I bought a treasure home, a little inspiration in the form of an exquisite Guinea Fowl feather, I’m going to have to borrow those colours and knit little circles. We have about twenty Guinea Fowl on the estate – memories of Africa. They seem very content both with our valley and with our contrary weather.

Guinea Fowl Feather - the morning's treasure

Guinea Fowl Feather – the morning’s treasure

Yesterday, I worked on the Valbonne tunic, using a Rowan navy D/K, which is awfully close to the colour of the tiles on the Big house, and cream to balance it. I’m working on the front pattern and have worked it out on graph paper. Tomorrow I will write the pattern up and begin to knit it.

Valbonne Jacket on graph paper

Valbonne Jacket on graph paper

Last night I worked on the fish border, which is really taking shape, as usual I had one eye on the TV, so, depending on the excitement level, progress is variable.

Fish (before detail)

Fish (before detail)

Fish - with detail

Fish (with detail)

Suze has sent me a photo of my dungaree pattern (I intend to make these available in kits which will include the embroidery patch with the baby’s name). Modelled by the adorable, brand spanking new, Ingrid.

IngridThe new baby dungarees kit, soon to be available

The new baby dungarees kit, soon to be available

My lesson for the day? Don’t try and balance a digestive (or any other kind of biscuit) on the edge of a mug of tea and try to open the bedroom (or any other) door at the same time. I tried to convince my husband that it was a more economical way of enjoying tea and a biscuit – no crumbs in the bed. But he was just not convinced.

Now for the glad rags – oh what to wear? I do knit all my sample garments in my size – but what might impress the great Kaffe?

! must remember to remove the hair roller……………………

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4 Responses to 21.03.13 – Rollers and an Idol

  1. monsteryarns says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your meeting with Kaffe. I adore him and his work too! Please share.


  2. keiryberry says:

    Great blog, burnt dust smell, rollers…….so familiar, LOL. Looking forward to hearing about Kaffe, I’m another fan.


  3. gratis sex says:

    U have a great site over here. I just wanna say thanks for all the interesting stuff on it. I’ll follow your weblog if you keep up the good work!


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