24.03.13 – a tour of London. And carrots.

Dogs Walked already, and it’s not yet 8am! Such an exciting day ahead as the fish border may, just may, be completed. It depends on how many more weeds and reeds I need to complete the fish’s habitat.

Fish border

Fish border

The cow is quiet, she looks quite depressed – head bowed and dull-eyed, but she has ceased her sad lowing.

There is only a covering of snow here, but the wind, direct from Siberia, funnels down the valley and shows no mercy. The dogs don’t seem to notice the bitter cold; although Fable, our old Labrador, did give a shiver after her ‘Dawn French’ moment. In Fable’s case she walked over a deep puddle which, alas, had only a very thin covering of ice over it, thus plunging her up to her poor arthritic knees in icy cold water. I realise each time it snows that Hesper, our highly-trained lap dog, isn’t white at all; when seen against the snow she is actually a rather dirty off white.

Not much inspiration around the estate today, my walk was all to do with getting home and getting warm. The wind is so strong that many of my husband’s benches had blown over, and even when righted by yours truly, were blown back before I’d gone even a few yards. The benches were placed around the Estate in 2006, by friends, family and staff. My husband has Parkinson’s and needed to rest very frequently; each bench has a quote; William, son number three wrote, The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother. Jon, son number one, simply, Carpe Diem. Hatty, daughter number two, Today, well lived, makes every yesterday a happy memory and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Lee, a member of staff – Love your enemies, it really p***es them off! .

Inspiration? Well someone locally is feeding their stock on carrots. How do I know this? Scotland Yard – prepare to be impressed. The pheasants eat the carrots, and, well, get rid of the waste in the usual way – but the waste is bright, bright, orange. So a sandy base colour (the track), white (the snow) green (the weeds) and that zing of bright orange……….mm, maybe.

My head’s still sifting through my London trip; Tower bridge – the bright blue and white did not inspire me, although the intricate iron work did, we saw rather a lot of London bridge, as the cab driver who brought us back from Le Pont de la Tour insisted that Tower Bridge was also known as London Bridge, and therefore our hotel was the other side of the river.  My son, Charlie, graciously thanked the driver for the tour when we finally reached the hotel; I think it may have been sarcasm!

I have not yet finished the pattern to the front of the Valbonne Tunic, but have already started knitting the bit I have written, so that’s another job for today.

I also found a place to hang the pole to display my designs, and it’s very successful. I drew the hall curtains and hung the pole from the rail. Of course there is the slight inconvenience of not being able to use the front door, but who wants to go out in this weather anyway, and anyone wanting to come in? Well, I’m sure they won’t mind suffering for my art, and it’s a pretty track around to the back door. This photo is of my design ‘Sophie’, and uses the great Kaffe’s fabric combined with the yarn. I love this garment, knitted in two joined semi circles, it fits like a dream. The pattern will be available soon from Pallas Designs…………………



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