25.03.13 – More Fish and an Alarming Habit…

A hectic 24hrs, who’d have thought that a country bumpkin like me could get to be so busy? And does the word bumpkin derive from Pumpkin?

Late evening I finally got around to placing a blob of nail varnish (Did I really ever wear that tart-y colour red? It even has a hint of glitter in it) on the hot taps, in our rather luxurious new bathroom; I know, I know, the left tap is hot and right tap is cold. I know this, only the plumber that fitted our rather swanky bathroom didn’t, not only that, he decided to ring the changes. It’s actually made drawing a bath rather exciting, but hell there’s enough excitement in my life already, so the taps are now colour coded.

Moving swiftly on, I then drew said bath, removed clothes and contact lenses, dimmed the lights, lighted the perfumed candle played a little soft music and sank gratefully into the silky soft water; Ah bliss. Since my husband’s Parkinson’s confines him to showers, the bath is my very own domain – Ahhh lovely.

It wasn’t until I got out of the bath that I noticed a very nasty cut on my hand, bleeding quite badly in fact. I couldn’t understand why a cut that bad hadn’t hurt. My mind drifted back to my youth when amongst all the other strange information collected and filed away for future use I remembered a disease which robs the mind of sensitivity to pain. I wonder how common leprosy is in rural Norfolk……….

Glasses on and lights blazing, it would appear that I had merely carelessly turned on the bath tap, which was, of course, resplendent with wet nail polish. Well it did look like blood: Mmm…………. well, we live to fight another day!

Yesterday I finished the fish border as far as I can before joining it to the coat. I may embellish it a little more, but not until the coat is nearing completion.

Fish Border

Fish Border

And last night I finished and blocked the first piece for the Valbonne tunic,

Valbonne Tunic

Valbonne Tunic

I have two more pattern pieces written up and ready to knit this evening.

I walked a little later this morning and the sun was trying to shine, just. The wind however is ferocious, it’s impossible to do any walk that always has the wind in my back, so whilst not exactly unpleasant, it was certainly a short, quick outing. At least this wind is drying the mud out and the tracks are quite firm. And, Oh dear, the cow has started to bellow again, and the sad lament carries right down the valley on the strong wind. I wonder how long she can keep it up without complete exhaustion.

I found two little (a bit macabre) treasures for the school nature table, a duck’s skull and, I think, a magpie’s skull. I think Alice’s boys will like them.

Chalkpit field overlooks the village and I noted this morning that all but one roof still has a little coating of snow. The odd roof is the home of a lovely ninety-seven year old lady. I return home to read a newspaper article that states categorically that no snow on a roof is a definite indication that Cannabis is being grown in the loft; well, well, well…………….

But I think we should get her some loft insulation.

Today, I shall sew the border onto the coat. Then tackle a pile of utterly boring paperwork – what are those brown envelopes with HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS – yes in capitals? Fortunately they also say PRIVATE, so I can’t open them – but they look very important.

When I get too over-come with the paperwork – short attention span syndrome – I shall prepare the guest room, and the Theatre Cottage, as Alice and Jem and toddler Teddy (from Durham), and Hatty and Greg and baby Marcel (from Antibes) are all coming home for Easter, Hurrah.

The guest room has for too long been used as yarn and oil paint storage. But where to put it all? My husband’s study is quite spacious………….

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