26.03.13 Blooms inside and out

The sun is shining! Yes, really shining! For proof see the shadows on the shoot barn!

Shoot Barn

Shoot Barn

But the wind is still biting. The park looks wonderful bathed in sunlight, the snowdrops are not only hanging on, some are positively blooming, daffodils and wood anemones are just poking through, so there is hope that spring will come soon.

Snowdrops in full force

Snowdrops in full force

My walk today took me down to the lakes, the wind being so fierce I decided to avoid the exposed area at the top of the farm and stick to the valley. All the lakes are very full, this time last year they had all but dried up. My only treasure for the boys today was a golf ball, (not much use for the nature table) found in the middle of the park – best not to try and figure that one out; we’re five miles from the nearest golf course.

I tried to count our resident Pink Foot Geese, but gave up at eighty. These geese come to this area from mid-October to mid-March, their home is in the very north – the Faroe Isles I think, and they come to winter here. They feed on the sugar beet tops and sometimes, to our horror, the young and tender winter barley. A flock of pink-foots can devastate a field in under a day. The size of the flock is usually huge, often thousands. There is no greater sight or sound than watching the birds fly over to their feeding grounds at dawn and back to the estuary at sunset to roost. Skein after wonderful skein fill the skies with the accompaniment of a good deal of honking.

About fifteen years ago about ten geese stayed on in the park over the summer, this number has been added to over the years until now we have in the region of maybe two hundred, they seem to be quite tame and get on perfectly well with the resident mallards, moorhens, and Egyptian Geese, (these huge birds roost in the trees around the lake and look totally unsafe).


Yesterday, I tacked the fish border to the coat; today I shall begin to sew it into place. I’ve also written the pattern for another ‘block’ of the Valbonne  tunic. Last night I re-knitted the two upper left blocks, as I’d misread my pattern and the slanted bits were in reverse – well, I was tired. I also wrote the pattern and started knitting the lower right block

Valbonne Tunic

Valbonne Tunic

I’ve designed a flowery pattern and, as it calls for three colours, I’ve committed myself to the colour red to add to the navy and cream.

Flower design

Flower design

Talking of commitment, I now have to stop playing and tidy my studio as a very important visitor (the vacuum cleaner, brandished in my housekeeper, Linda’s lovely hands) is about to pay me a visit. Linda came to work for me as a ‘mother’s help’ when Charlie was two, he’s thirty next month. She really is part of our family; She now has five children of her own, but still manages to look after us. I really don’t know what I would do without her.

So it’s getting the pins off the floor time, and putting things away – so tomorrow will be spent trying to remember where I put ‘stuff’. Oh where to begin……………………………………….

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