27.03.13 – Enough water for minnows…

First of all I apologise for not yet answering your comments and questions, no excuses, but I don’t actually know how! But my personal computer expert (Alice my daughter-in-law) is coming on Sunday, so watch this space……..

The men in my life get a very raw deal from my designs, so I’ve been thinking that I should create something for them, it’s certainly taken my imagination on a new journey. Not all men would feel comfortable in Kaffe brilliant colours, and how about pattern? Style is perhaps easier, no man I know is going to embrace an off the shoulder look, well maybe Lee the estate manager – but that’s a whole different path to take.

At the top of the hill the guinea fowl greeted us with their bizarre warning call, it sounds a bit like sawing logs, and quite unmistakable, apparently the game keeper use them as ‘guard dogs’,  as there’s usually only me to hear them , I’m not sure how that works. But inspiration for the men’s cardigan (yes, I thought a cardigan) was standing there right in front of me, the grey, the white, the red, and I even have a thought for interesting facings. I had decided that next week I won’t work but devote myself to the family, but I will absolutely have to write this one up, otherwise it smacks of discrimination.

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

My work didn’t flourish yesterday. The morning, of course, was lost to the big tidy-up in the studio. It’s already regaining that ‘lived in’ look. And a visit to the optician for my husband – he can no longer drive – and a Sainsbury dash, robbed a chunk of the afternoon. Bernard is very frail right now, and life is a bit of a struggle for him at times. Yesterday I was asked, “Are you his carer?” “I’m his wife” I replied, now there’s an old-fashioned thought.

Now talking of my husband…………… First of all he read my blog and discovered I had designs on his study! He did, however, welcome me, or rather my ‘stuff’, boxes, yarn and paintings. I have an exhibition of paintings coming up in the next few months. I’ve been asked for 50 paintings Most of my paintings are of the south of France – where my daughter lives, or sometimes Italy, so I paint rather sporadically. I have, to date, just 15 paintings to show, so a little way yet to go then. But the 15 canvases were stacked neatly and harmlessly, behind his study door………My husband has just directed me to the drawing room where he tells me he has “added to the furnishings”. No such thing as free storage, he’s nicked one of my paintings.

One of my canvasses

One of my pieces

36 canvasses to go then!

I did the long walk this morning, and then some, extending my wanderings around Ella’s lake. Although not quite flooding there is a huge amount of water, probably due to snow-melt.

Ella's Lake

Ella’s Lake

At the top end of the lake there’s an overflow into the reed-dam, a sort of shallow ford, easy to walk through – usually. Today it is a raging torrent; I certainly felt the power of the water when I went through. The Labrador rushed at it as if her tail was on fire and the little Jack Russell, usually a plucky little number, sat and whined piteously until I once again braved the torrent, and scooped her up in my arms. Ah, another noble act!

Dramatic point of rescue!

Dramatic point of rescue!

I have hardly anything to shown for my knitting last night. I’m still plodding on with the fish border, but as I was working on it late afternoon, I kept wondering, if it needs a little something, a little wow factor. Some gold thread? Some silk thread? remembering at the same time my mother saying ‘don’t wear gold ‘til the day is old’. Would a little shimmer spoil the piece?

So I set to and made up a little pattern called minnows.



I think I have to finish the border – probably the whole coat before deciding whether to add sparkle.

So, today, until the light goes, it will be fish time, then this evening work on finishing the ‘flowery’ Valbonne piece, and just maybe begin another………..

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1 Response to 27.03.13 – Enough water for minnows…

  1. keiryberry says:

    How clever you are, painting as well as knitting deigns. And I like the sound of the guinea fowl inspired cardigan.


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