15.04.13. Roman pots, Art, Weddings and Rabbit City.


So, the gloves are off, as is the scarf, and the winter walking coat is swapped for a ‘summer’ fleece. As I left home with the dogs at six this morning, there was spring in the air and a spring to my step; the sun shone and, here in the valley, there was not a breath of wind. Big mistake, on the top of the farm my arms and my inadequate fleece were wrapped around me and the wind did it’s best to take a shortcut through me. ‘Don’t cast a clout ‘til May is out’ springs to mind…………………

I spent another week-end working in my studio, I had intended to sit in the garden – it being the warmest day for seven months – that’s a very long winter.  Garden chairs and cushions in place, good book and a little knitting, a large coffee and a tube of sun-cream – ten minutes later the wind had demolished the cushions and distributed them around the garden, turned the pages of my book before I had the chance to read and finally blew the coffee (my favourite mug is no more) off the table! I can take a hint – back to work.

But I did spend a lovely day in the studio finishing off some baby projects and patterns. And I also started a quilt for Anna, my daughter’s friend whose baby arrived three weeks early, so for me it was a nice satisfactory day.



Baby Charlie's special

Baby Charlie’s special


His and her rompers

His and her rompers


The wedding on Saturday at the big house was a huge success, Charlie and Holly did looked rather frayed when I called in yesterday morning, but the praise from all concerned absorbed a good bit of the exhaustion.

Apparently, each table was served with an individual joint of beef; I thought that an excellent idea – here’s to our chef, Nick; getting one joint ready would faze me let alone a dozen or more.

On my computer I have started to compile a list of my favourite things – rain drops on roses? Well yes, but probably more like this sort of thing………………..


The Roman bowl, only 7.5 cm across.

The Roman bowl, only 7.5 cm across.

It’s not very big and was found on the Estate about ten years ago It lives on my sewing table. It’s Roman, I just like the feel of it in my hand, and the thought that a person, I like to think a woman, held it just as I am doing now, who was she and what did she use it for? – certainly not to put pins in, but who knows, hundreds of shroud pins (Anglo Saxon not Roman) have turned up on this land………………..

Rabbit City seems to get bigger by the day, one day the whole of Cedar Meadow will collapse into rabbit City’s earth workings, probably whilst I’m on my morning walk, so if you don’t hear from me……………

The entrance to Rabbit City

The entrance to Rabbit City


I have become very sneaky in the kitchen; B’s Parkinson’s and the tremor that goes with it means that he needs a huge amount of calories a day to maintain his weight.  Eating is difficult for him, and it’s a constant battle to control the weight loss. Cream added to full-cream milk, butter added to everything possible, eggs whipped into soups and a meal every three and a half hours, with chocolate to finish. You got it, a dieter’s nightmare!

Plan for the day – cut out Anna’s (or rather baby Charlie’s) quilt. Write up a knitting pattern, Alice, my daughter-in-law has seen a sweater that she likes worn in a TV program, and my son Charlie wants a knitted waistcoat…………………I know, I know, there’s far more than a day’s work there, but I always think my day has endless hours and I’m always disappointed to find that it has not………….I love what I do, and I want to fit as much as possible into my life…..

Charlie and Holly have had two huge walls removed from the bar at the Kings Head. The open space certainly shows my paintings off very well and I love the open feel to the place. Charlie has asked me to make two large sets of curtains so that he can section areas off for private parties (I’ve already made four hundred and forty metres of curtaining up for the hotel so this is small fry). Couple of drawbacks though, he doesn’t have the fabric, the rails aren’t up, and what was the other drawback – oh, I know, he wants them by Wednesday!

The Kings Head, Great Bircham and one of  my paintings.

The Kings Head, Great Bircham and one of my paintings.

But the first thing today is to get my paintings ready to frame, there seems to be less each day for the exhibition. This one, Fring Church, painted from the edge of our land, on a very blustery day, is claimed by my son Jem,


Fring Church

Fring Church


And this one’s for Charlie………….


Near Meze

Near Meze


Any more for anymore?

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2 Responses to 15.04.13. Roman pots, Art, Weddings and Rabbit City.

  1. Alice says:

    It’s all looking fabulous! 🙂
    Totally *love* the baby rompers. xxx


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