22.04.13. Free Patterns, New Bread and Lost Chickens

Monday again (where did last week go?) and I am writing this before taking the dogs for a walk. I decided to tidy my studio first – looking good!

I have worked flat-out over the weekend creating and knitting a bag pattern which is to be given away for free when my website is up and running. It sound easy enough but inevitably one finds better ways of working as one goes along so it’s knit here, undo there, and reknit to get a better shape and, of course, remembering to write it all down!

Free bag ready to go

Free bag ready to go

And the back view

And the back view

I’m also working on a new jumper called Ann, named after my very good friend and very good knitter, Ann. I have pinned and blocked it out and will press it overnight and work on it more tomorrow. But which fabric to choose?

Ann, difficult choice?

Ann, difficult choice?

At the same time I am working on another bag

Flower power bag

Flower power bag

I then hope that by the end of the week I shall have planned out a new jacket design and started on that. Quite a relaxing week then!

The garden and countryside is looking lovely and when I do take the dogs out (I’m waiting for my camera battery to charge) I want to take a series of photos with ideas for motifs to use in the new project.

My two ‘boys’ did a marvellous job on the garden, they tell me that to be mentioned in my blog means (around the Estate) that they have been “mentioned in dispatches”!

So now I will mention Andy, the keeper, who has invented this clever little rat trap.

Andy's rat trap

Andy’s rat trap

So simple, just a pipe set into each side of a used plastic drum; poison in the drum, only rats can get in, birds, dogs etc. can’t! Clever huh?

Nothing to do with rat poison; My first loaf of Spelt bread was an enormous success……….

Spelt bread - yum

Spelt bread – yum

I think my big problem will be eating too much of it – I made another loaf yesterday, fresh new bread, home cooked ham and a smidgeon of English mustard…………

And lastly, we have squatters in Boneyard Wood! Anyone’s chicken’s AWOL?

three squatters!

three squatters!

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3 Responses to 22.04.13. Free Patterns, New Bread and Lost Chickens

  1. monsteryarns says:

    Very impressive bag!


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