25.04.13. Feathers and Hampton Court


I so enjoyed yesterday, the sun shone and my husband joined me in the garden, he read and I worked on the back of Valerie, my new bag design. We are very self-contained, contented people, extremely happy with our own and each other’s company, and still after more than thirty years together we have an awful lot to talk about.

I went rather crazy with the bag and sewed many, many beads into place around the flower and more beads in the centre of the flower.

This is a bag to make you smile, even on the dullest day.

Valerie front view

Valerie front view

 Later today I hope to tackle the back pocket of Valerie.

 Meanwhile, this morning I intend to write up the pattern for Hampton Court; more a coat than a cardigan, with lovely flowing lines, obtained by placing godets between panels of either plain or patterned knitting.

Alice wearing Hampton Court

Alice wearing Hampton Court

 A strange thing happened on my walk this morning, I was showered with tiny fluffy white feather, soft as down – in fact I think they were down. A short walk further and more feathers floated into view and then I spotted patches of more feathers. I decided they had to be baby pigeon down, as there was so much of it. So curious was I that I went to the barn and seek out Andy, the keeper. Yes, he thinks it is Squab (baby pigeon) down, and the young are preening themselves ready for flight. It doesn’t really explain why they are falling from the sky well away from any trees; carried on the breeze perhaps? I wonder if I could collect enough for a duvet.

Pigeon Down?

Pigeon Down?

 The sycamores are in full blossom, a curse for hay-fever sufferers a great pleasure for me – the flowers are so hidden, unnoticeable at a casual glance, but so exquisite when viewed close up.

Sycamore flowers

Sycamore flowers

But back to work. The tulips are out in the garden, so many different colours, shapes and sizes. I have it in mind to make a tulip jacket. I shall begin to sketch today and try and do a half hour on it every day and when I have a collection of about forty, yes, forty, I will work out some motifs.

Next job, abbreviations for Hampton Court and type up Valerie………………

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