03.05.13, Designs and Designers

Wow, what a week; Cambridge on Monday. Dining at the Tower of London (I mean actually in the Tower of London) on Tuesday. Trip to Yorkshire on Wednesday and yes, it gets better………….a day spent at Rowan’s headquarters yesterday, with my friend and mentor the amazing designer, Chrissie Day. My head is buzzing with ideas. The new Rowan yarns are to die for, I filled half a notebook with sketches and ideas when I got home – after voting at 9.45 pm – just made it in time. Up with the lark this morning, I practically ran the dogs around the Estate and back here to the studio, to do my thing. My thing today is working on another version of Valbonne……………..

Me after a good day at Rowan

Me after a good day at Rowan

I did take a photograph of Chrissie, but it’s such a bad likeness – not kind to publish it!

On with the work, I really need about 40 hours in every day………………..

But first a glimpse of the ‘Rowan’ valley…………



The 'Rowan' valley

The ‘Rowan’ valley


they live and work in Paradise!




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2 Responses to 03.05.13, Designs and Designers

  1. Chrissiday says:

    Thanks dear I take horrid pictures


  2. keiryberry says:

    How lovely it looks there. I MUST try and go to a workshop or something there while I am living on this side of the world. We lived in Manchester 30 years ago and loved going over to Holmfirth and all the surrounds.


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