09.05.13. Finished designs, Country flowers, Continuity, Life force.


I seem to have neglected my blog, but honestly, how could I sit at my desk when the sunshine calls and the garden chairs look so inviting? Even if I do have to use 3 cushions in order to sit above the rather rough, cane chair arms so that I can knit in comfort! Princesses and peas spring to mind.

But, my friends, I have not been in the least bit idle…………..

Remember these spring flowers?


Valbonne; inspiration

Valbonne; inspiration

Take a look at this………………

Valbonne Two, inspired by spring

Valbonne Two, inspired by spring

I am awaiting my darling daughter-in-law Holly to come and model it for me.

I’ve also almost completed a couple more little cardigans which I’ve called Kaffe, after – you know who – my idol, and on my way to completing another Sophie. Lots more pics to follow……………………..

Tomorrow I’m off to Cambridge to do a Rowan workshop with Sarah Hatton. I just love Sarah’s work especially her baby patterns.

Our valley is simply bursting with life………….

The Queen Ann’s Lace (The Hall is Queen Ann, so I rather prefer to use the name instead of Cow Parsley) has totally covered the floor of the wood……………….


Queen Ann's Lace

Queen Ann’s Lace

Green, cream and black, more inspiration! look out for my Queen Ann jacket, as yet still in my head – on Paper by next week, knitted up next month?

Oak before the Ash we're in for a splash!

Oak before the Ash we’re in for a splash!

Good news; the oak is definitely out before the Ash – in for a splash rather than a soak! And the bluebells are up and some are just blooming……………….


The first bluebell?

The first bluebell?

As is the white dead nettle…………..


the white dead nettle

the white dead nettle

And the white Campion

White Campion

White Campion

The winter barley is well up now. I know from previous years that it will seem only moments before it will be in ear. I think a field of barley rippling and ripening in the breeze is a glorious sight. For me, it’s something to do with the fact that it’s so much part of the farming year and so very many people before me have felt uplifted by the same sight on this self–same field.  Varieties have changed and harvest techniques have certainly come a long way since the scythe. But the wonder of a field of barley hasn’t changed a bit. The beer brewed from the barley malt is just a welcome as it was two hundred years ago! Our land is poor, but the low nitrate levels and the location, close to the sea, make this excellent malting barley country….cheers


Winnter Barley

Winnter Barley

And I say to myself “What a wonderful world”………………




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