04.06.13 Time and tide and new designs


Well, well, I see it has been two week since I wrote my blog. Which immediately brings me to the thought……………… (everyone that knows me will know that my mind butterflies around a bit). It all sprang from article in the newspapers that basically says that children should make their own way in life and that parent’s shouldn’t help out, that sort of thing. And then my mind fluttered over sayings such as being born with a silver spoon in ones mouth.  Anyway, I got to thinking of tiny new borns and what each of them have regardless of status; the one thing we were all born with – a huge amount of the most precious thing on earth – time. Then I got to thinking of my own inheritance of time; of course we don’t know how much of this precious commodity we have (in my case – have left!). It’s very easy to look back over our lives and wonder, (perhaps regret), if we have spent our time unwisely or frivolously. But that is time already spent.

But today, this day, we have the gift of time and I for one, shall spend it well. Indeed,  I’ve already made some wise investments. I walked the dogs and drank in a hazy sunny morning. I showed Andy, our game-keeper, my garden – ah, such pleasure for me and for him? We talked about the fact that there are so many dead baby rabbits around – apparently Sandingham, our neighbouring estate, is just as puzzled as we are as they too are littered with small dead creatures. Of course we, like all farmers, hate rabbits, but baby rabbits, what harm can they do (quite a lot) and they really are so cute; after all we all love the tales from Beatrice Potter.

But back to work………………..

This is the week for my blog exhibition of new designs. One per day………… and here goes

Hesper and child's Hesper

Hesper and child’s Hesper

Pretty practical Hesper, a chunky-knit, with fabric embellishments, it nestles just below the waist for that ‘long in the leg’ look. And the child’s Hesper – how cute is that?



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1 Response to 04.06.13 Time and tide and new designs

  1. Alice says:

    Gorgeous. Of course 🙂 xxx


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