05.06.13 New designs, Wild Oats and Nature’s Seduction

The second day of my on-line design exhibition…………….

And here we have Kaffe…………..

Kaffe and child's Kaffe

Kaffe and child’s Kaffe

I find these vivid colours irresistible, this little jacket sits neatly on the waist. Knitted in Rowan’s  Kaffe Fassett Colourscape and embellished with Kaffe Fassett Begonias Fabric, it’s a very striking design, and is very easy and quick to knit.

I know, I know, my photography is awful, but just think how much better it looks in real life!

Friends visited us this morning after a six-year lull. They are fit, funny and full of life and it was good to se them – time well spent!

The weather is dull here today – a sea fret is rolling down the valley, so no sitting in the sun for me. My morning walk was a little rushed owing to the fact that I was not wearing enough clothes; a cool wind and a summer’s blouse certainly speeds up the old leg muscles.

Our valley is so, well, so green and vibrant. Walking through the woods and pastures one is almost shocked by the life-force that Nature displays. I live in Paradise………….

The woods positively beckon………………..

The path to the wood

The path to the wood

The flowers in the wayside are too numerous to mention, Wild Geranium, Buttercup, Creeping Buttercup, Red and White Campion, Goats Beard, to name but a few, all growing in total confusion and intertwined with many different grasses (and the dreaded stinging nettle).

Wayside flowers

Wayside flowers

The barley on Hall field is almost ‘mid-shin’ height but not yet in ear. The field is liberally sprinkled with wild oats: the sight of the oats in the barley brings to mild that young men should not sow their wild oats close to home. Wild oats  are so obviously noticeable, out of place, and  difficult to get rid of!

Barley and wild oats

Barley and wild oats

It seems that the late start to the season has made everything accelerate; as if Nature herself is afraid of being left behind!

My garden, not yet a year old, is vigorously welcoming summer!

A confusion of garden flowers.

A confusion of garden flowers.

Log in tomorrow for design three….

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