07.06.13 Design day four, Sunshine, Mulleins and favourites.

Online design exhibition day four.

Ann and child's Ann


Ann and child’s Ann

Ann, named for a great person and a great knitter, is knitted in Rowan’s D/K in clay which does not exactly ‘go’ with my hall curtains. It’s a classic thirty’s style that doesn’t cling to the body but rests on the hips with an adjustable fabric tie. The fabric is, once again, by Kaffe Fassett, and is called Foxglove. The sleeves seen here are 3/4 length but can be knitted full length.

Today our valley is basking in sunshine but the wind is north-east and hence a tad chilly. Yesterday I spend my day scurrying from the too hot sun to the too cool shade and back again, with my knitting trailing after me. I can’t bear to be indoors whilst the sun shines and I try to do all that has to be done outside, this involves the hefting of sewing machines and ironing boards and the inevitable extension leads, to a chosen sunny spot, this done, the sun invariably disappears behind a cloud!

My walk this morning took me up the track that edges the Hall Wood, where the Mulleins grow in profusion, the base of the plants are covered with a thick yellowish- white ‘wool’. The flowers of the Mullein (Verbascum densiflorum) were (are still?) used extensively  in the drug market as they are an effective expectorant. The plant bases are already an awesome sight……………….wait until you see the flowers in a month or so!




I decided this morning that I would choose and photograph my favourite view of the Estate. I left clutching my very well used camera. I returned without taking a single photograph, favourite view? it’s like looking at ones children and choosing a favourite child, it can’t be done…………………..

Follow the blog tomorrow for another unique design……………

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