08.06.13 New designs, Wedding Dresses, Fornicators and Owls

Online design exhibition day five.

Opio and Child's Opio

Opio and Child’s Opio


I originally named this design Stained Glass Window, a good name had I used brighter colours. This version is rather calm and easy on the eye, it’s loose fitting and very comfortable to wear. Opio is the name of the village in southern France where my daughter lives – calm, easy on the eye and an extremely comfortable place to be – the wall-to-wall sunshine helps!

And speaking of Hatty. She reprimands me for not mentioning in my blog of the 6th that I made her wedding dress. This is surely an excuse for another view of said dress and lovely daughter………………..

lovely couple, lovely dress?

lovely couple, lovely dress?

And the back view

And the back view

I believe my son-in-law is saying “Oui, not bad”, well, the French, you know………………

I have just now booked our le shuttle tickets. I drive to France at the end of the month, taking with me an enormous load of ‘stuff’, books, baby chairs and other objects left behind when my daughter was last here. I’m also taking my dressmakers dummy, sewing machine and countless notions as I am to make a wedding dress for Hatty’s friend whilst there. ‘My’ bride is tall and slim, tanned and healthy, the sort of girl you could dress in garbage bags and she’d still look good, so it’s an easy task when presented with, not garbage bags, but fine Brussels’s lace.

Speaking of Brussels, we went to a restaurant in Cambridge a few weeks ago and ordered Brussels pate, it was green! You got it, it was made from Brussel sprouts, mmm, interesting………………

And back to weddings, a friend of a friend (who will remain nameless) whilst at a recent wedding, pointed to a lovely young lady wearing a fascinator (guys, that’s a little hat perched on the side of the head) and exclaimed, “I just love that fornicator”!

Finally I want you meet a friend of mine. He (or she) has lived in the valley for many years and is such an uplifting sight each morning and evening as he hunts for his supper. Here he is in one of his favourite spots right outside my studio window, he’s there now as I write this.

Our Resident Owl

Our Resident Owl

Follow the blog for tomorrows design………………

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