09.06.13 New design, Spitting, and a Nasty Fungus

Online design exhibition day six

Kaffe and child's Kaffe in red

Kaffe and child’s Kaffe in red


Kaffe and child's Kaffe in cream

Kaffe and child’s Kaffe in cream

A cardigan that once again makes a real statement, the applique and combination of squares and stripes  sets it apart from any shop bought item and many run-of-the-mill hand knits, the inner seams are finished with the same fabric as the applique giving a totally professional finish. Having said all that, this cardigan looks great unembellished, the choice is yours…………………….

I apologise once again for poor quality of my photography.

It seems that this little part of East Anglia is the only part of the country shrouded in mist and grey cloud; my garden needs urgent attention, but I am so much a fair weather gardener, besides weeds are easier pull if they are a little bigger! It was spitting with rain when I took the dogs out first thing this morning (I love that it ‘spits’ with rain).

The candles on the horse chestnuts are at last out, they are very, very late this year. We were told a couple of years ago that the whole country would lose all these magnificent trees to a nasty fungus. We have literally hundreds of them here on the Estate and yes, there are signs of the dreaded fungus, but to date we haven’t  had to fell any trees.  Horse Chestnut doesn’t even make good firewood as it spits when burned (another case of ‘spitting’) it’s fine in a log burner but not on an open fire.

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

Lots more to see in the exhibition tune in tomorrow and keep following …………………..

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