10.06.13, New Designs and Declaration of War

On-line exhibition day seven



Autumn Coat - front

Autumn Coat – front

Autumn Coat - back

Autumn Coat – back

I wear this coat so often it’s wonder it’s not threadbare!  It’s knitted in a vast variety of 4ply wool and sock yarns. It’s really is not difficult to knit, but it does take time! I haven’t as yet written a similar garment  to be worked in double knitting yarn. But think I might, the motifs would be bigger of course, but the time spent in knitting would be considerably less.

Dogs and Blogs wait for no man! Well the dog part is true at least, today I took a shortened walk and called in at the Hall for  cup of early morning tea. Charlie and Holly have been away in Spain for  week, so it was time for tea and catch-up. The weather is dull, but the wind has dropped, so today, despite the lack of sunshine, I go to war on Thistles, Docks and Nettles! I note that in my wild flower meadow some thistles are bigger than I am, but they are all jumbled up with the wild flowers. So here’s the plan. Mix 1 part weed-killer with 2 parts hand cream, don the rubber gloves, dip into the ‘mixture and ‘lovingly caress’  those usurpers, sit back and wait……………………..

Follow tomorrow for more designs in the exhibition……………….

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