11.06.13. New Design, Careless Geese and a Sleepy Village

On-line exhibition day eight

Sahara Jacket

Sahara Jacket


Sahara Jacket back view

Sahara: Part of the fun of designing this jacket was collecting all the wonderful vibrant yarns. I have used lots of different hand-dyed sock yarns and 4 ply wool. The jacket has nice shaping both front and back and a good size collar to pull up on a windy day. It looks great with jeans. If the colours are too bright for you try knitting it in neutrals and browns with maybe a splash of coral here and there? I walked early this morning, the sun has ignored the BBC weather forecast and decided to shine anyway – I love a rebel. Despite the early hour, the swallows were swooping and diving and came so low I could see their terracotta bibs – oh so dashing; High above them the buzzards float on a thermal and look totally menacing, although I doubt they’d ever  catch a swallow. And just through the wood I came across three deer peacefully grazing (until I arrived with the dogs).

My sleepy village

My sleepy village

And all the time the village nestles in the valley and sleeps, and the crops grow, and the wild animals graze – on the crops? Okay, forget it, not so idyllic. A strange sight met me in the park, goose eggs randomly distributed amongst the grass, a fox stealing the eggs? No, the eggs aren’t broken. This puzzled me so much I had to track down the game keeper – knowledgeable on all country matters. And the explanation? Young geese who haven’t figured out yet that they should  build a nest and lay the eggs in said  nest. A lesson for teenagers perhaps?

A goose egg without a home!

A goose egg without a home!

Follow tomorrow for another design………………………..

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1 Response to 11.06.13. New Design, Careless Geese and a Sleepy Village

  1. monsteryarns says:

    I LOVE this design, the colours and the style.


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