12.06.13 New Designs, Gremlins and Decietful Husbands

On-line exhibition day nine

Kaleidoscope version 1

Kaleidoscope version 1


kaleidoscope version 1

kaleidoscope version 1

Kaleidoscope version 2

Kaleidoscope version 2

These different versions of the same pattern certainly show what a difference the choice of colour makes . There’s a third version  too which is just plain with no embellishments at all. All versions have matching broaches. Version one has added fabric and ribbon. I wear the black (version one) a lot, it has just a hint of glitter and glamour. The green one I don’t wear, why? – well it’s not my size! Holly, my daughter-in- law looks great in it, the photo doesn’t do it justice,  in real life the terracotta ribbon and the William Morris print give it a lot of interest. The second version is much simpler, and just has two lengths of knitted piping down each side, and the button is also knitted as is the matching broach.

This morning I decided that I wouldn’t take the dogs out first thing but that I would tackle the mending/alteration pile first; the sight of which was making me feel quite nauseous. Just how many shirt buttons can a man lose in a……… okay a year maybe! My studio was naturally filled with Gremlins, the ones that hide the scissors, make sure the machine needle breaks and generally stop a girl doing what has to be done. I am in the process of sewing velcro to many of my husband’s trousers as the Parkinson’s Gremlin is also at work making buttons an impossible chore for him. But the job is done and I’m actually feeling quite smug!

My husband has had a collection of old film turned into a DVD, and what fun it is to watch. Shots of Glaciers taken from a plane, the school he taught in in Africa. A momentous holiday in Greece with two of his Cambridge friends – was he really ever that much fun? Scenes of his parents – his mother, who was completely the mother-in-law from heaven – I loved her dearly (I didn’t know his father).  Then we came to a scene of a skiing holiday, B you are so busted………………

Some years ago, when our children were small we accompanied them on their first school ski trip, I had never skied before, but B assured me that, as he had never skied before either, we would learn together. So on the first day off we went to the beginners class. B seemed to grasp it immediately and was soon promoted to the intermediate class. I’ll not bore you with the falls and curses of that week of purgatory, suffice to say that at the end of the week my husband was with the ‘real ‘ skiers whilst I and the fat boy were still struggling in the beginners class…………………words are to be spoken……………….

And the plan for today? write up the pattern for the Fable Tunic (to be seen later in the week) Work on the baby designs………………

Follow me tomorrow for my next unique design.

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