18.06.13, New Designs and Walnut Trees



On-line exhibition day 15

Above, Antibes, now with a smalls person’s version. These are both knitted in Rowan pure wool D/K.

Below Sophie, with child’s Sophie. The adult Sophie is knitted in Jamieson’s Shetland D/K and the small one is knitted in Rowan Cashsoft. Both are lined with Kaffe Fassett Foxgloves  in different colour-ways.

Sophie lined version

Sophie lined version

Tomorrow I will give you a sneak preview of the new  new children’s collection………………

And then I’m off to France.

Our Estate Manager is moving into the house to house-sit and dog-sit. The joy of having Lee stay here is that all the annoying jobs, the dripping taps, the sagging curtain rail, miraculously mend themselves whilst I’m away!

I will try and blog from France and keep you updated with the progress of the wedding dress, but if I can’t get my laptop to work out there (I’m technically challenged) I’ll play catch up when I get back.

Yesterday I posted two photos of two very fine Walnut trees. But the text accompanying them is floating around in cyber space………… I’ll try again……………..

The old one is very well loved; but  for many years she has been on her last legs (or branches). The bark is deeply ridged and in winter a silver grey – inspirational in snow.  In the spring she wears a gown of burnt sienna as the young leaves burst forth. In summer her gown is of a vivid green and in the autumn a rusty gold – I love that tree. But for many years she’s been dropping her branches and, as with any very old lady, her shape is far from perfect, each year we see her die back a little, but each spring she clads herself again  and looks as majestic as ever.

The Old Walnut Tree

The Old Walnut Tree

Fifty years ago I could have written almost the same thing about her, for even then she was dying back, so my husband planted a lovely  young Walnut tree, and fifty years on she too is absolutely majestic, and being still yet young she has a perfect shape………….. I still love the old tree  best.

The New Walnut Tree

The New Walnut Tree

There’s a saying: A woman, a dog and a Walnut tree the harder you beat them the better they be. Men’s talk?


Join me tomorrow, for the last in my online exhibition, press follow if you want to be alerted when my blogs begin again……………………




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