Home, wedding dress and radishes



Home – not quite the journey I envisaged – doctor’s orders – I was to drive only three hours a day. The distance between my daughter’s home in the South of France and our home here in Norfolk is a thousand miles……….

I drove for three hours in the morning, took a long lunch break and drove another hour and half in the afternoon. This way I divided the journey into four more or less equal parts and it was (surprisingly)  a thoroughly enjoyable trip. So much so that I think I will always take this option and string the journey over four days / three nights.

So here is the first glimpse of the wedding dress – I don’t think the groom will be perusing my blog, so it’s safe to show it. Anne-Marie, the lovely bride, lives in New Zealand and is getting married there – hot weather guaranteed!

The dress bodice is a beautiful lace which I appliqued together so that there are no visible seams (the sides of the dress are sheer, unlined, lace showing off Anne-Marie’s lovely tan and perfect shape). The front panel is (for modesty’s sake) lined and the back dips very low; the bodice is sewn with round pearls and seed pearls (350 of them).

The skirt is close fitting, lined, and made in a lovely silk, and the top layer is chiffon.

Anne-Marie (and Chili)

Anne-Marie (and Chili)


Showing off a lovely back

Showing off a lovely back


Bride to be

Bride to be

Again, I apologise for my lack of  my photography skill.


Oh, but why the doctor’s orders? I will spare you the sordid details, but I was struck down with food poisoning. The virus then attacked my heart and I was confined to Grasse hospital for six days, as IV drips were needed to administer the required drugs.

And radishes? Food was brought to the patients in little ‘ready meal’ trays, one lunchtime 20 radishes per patient were issued.  Do radishes have some magic property? Or was the chef offered a lorry load cheap? All I can say is that the food was ‘interesting’; a breakfast of a chunk of bread, jam, butter and a bowl of coffee with a packet of powdered milk (which refused to dissolve in the coffee) being the best meal of the day. Lunch and dinner consisted of four courses. Gelatinous soup, bread roll, carton of vegetables (one day this consisted of chilled, cooked, cauliflower). A carton of some sort of meat (it’s best not to probe to deeply into this – horse?) a very solid (break your teeth solid) piece of fruit and the inevitable cheese. I got very adept at making a sandwich with the roll and the cheese!

All this at a mere €3,500!  And not even a free perfume sample to take home.

Seriously I’m fine, terribly tired and wanting to sleep all the time, but fine.

I knitted a lot of hats in France, it was an unmissable opportunity whilst I had three lovely models, although Marcel, my fourteen-month-old grandson, was not always cooperative!

So watch out for the ‘hat parade’ coming soon………………….



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2 Responses to Home, wedding dress and radishes

  1. keiryberry says:

    Oh my goodness! That’s not the trip you would have wanted. I’m glad to hear you are OK. The dress looks beautiful.


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