15.08.13 The last of the collection, this England, and welcome home Charlie

Gosh, it’s ages since I wrote my blog. Mainly because I’ve been knitting my fingers to the bone! Just as my collection was going to press I found that I had knitted, but not blocked, pressed, joined nor finished  one of the pieces, and I hadn’t even written or started the child’s version.

Ahh………………..here it is, ready to be sent off today……………….

Napier and Child's Napier

Napier and Child’s Napier

Of course, I’m still only supposed to be working  three hours a day. But what counts as work? cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing apparently don’t. Whereas designing and knitting does (my husband’s view). I can only conclude from this that, anything one really loves, is work, but all the ‘stuff’ I do because it has to be done, isn’t……………….. I’ll keep working then!

The winter barley has been cut, and today the meadow beyond my garden is being ‘topped’ – it’s too late to make ‘good’ hay. The wheat looks ready  and, in the case of Hall field, has a nostalgic scattering of poppies.

Wheat in Hall Field

Wheat in Hall Field


Wheat, Hall Field

Wheat, Hall Field

It looks like being a good harvest, after last year’s disastrous harvest a good one really is needed……………

It’s time I ‘topped’ my wild flower meadow, but still some flowers remain and I’m hesitant to let them go……………..

Wild Flower Meadow

Wild Flower Meadow

And here’s a very rare sighting. Charlie and Holly, having build the Kings Head up to a thriving business, (each working something like eighty hours a week) have leased. So now I have a companion (Charlie), sometimes two (and Holly)  on my early morning walks.


Charlie and his friend Moscow, with my dog Fable in the background

Charlie and his friend Moscow, with my dog Fable in the background

Sweet Boy!

Does painting count as work, I wonder?

From tomorrow I begin a week or so of my on-line art exhibition. Most of my painting is done in France or Italy, I love the light. But just recently I’ve sketched out some local scenes. If it’s not work, I may paint a little over the next few weeks…………………





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