16.08.13. Art, an oak tree and putting one’s foot in it – or not

Day one of on-line art exhibition.

Near Nimes Provence

Near Nimes Provence

My poor arthritic dog Fable [such a good dog; so good she’s almost boring!] has been prescribed new pain relief medication. Today, on our rather wet walk, she was ahead of me instead of dragging behind. It was a joy to see, if you’re reading this Andy (our gamekeeper), please skip this next bit. So full of life, energy and movement was she, that before I could stop her, she had a young pheasant in her mouth! Labradors being soft mouthed canines, rarely hurt the birds and, in fairness to my boringly good dog she did drop it immediately when reprimanded and off it flew. The funniest thing was poor fable trying to spit the feathers out! She has, so often of late tried unsuccessfully to chase pheasants. She seemed very surprised when she caught it. She’s still in rather a daze……………..

Day 2 tomorrow of the on-line art exhibition

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