17.08.13, Art Exibition day two, getting off on the wrong foot and mulliens

Art exhibition day two……………..



Near St Remy

Near St Remy




I left the house in rather a hurry to dodge the rain this morning and walk the dogs. By the time I got to the field gate my feet were hurting, nay, I was crippled. So I  put my wellingtons on the proper feet and the pain immediately disappeared – if only all life problems were so simple!






The Mulliens are absolutely splendid this year this one is at least nine feet tall, it made me feel a very small person, but I guess in the scheme of things I am a very, very, small cog in this mighty wheel. Nature just gets on with it with absolutely no help from me, I wonder if my years of taking my own bag to the supermarket has even saved one little twig let alone the planet…………………..

For years I thought that the Tulip tree was so called because of its tulip-shaped leaves. These splendid tree  ‘tulips’ soon showed me the error of my assumption………


The Tulip Tree's blossom

The Tulip Tree’s blossom


Day three of my on-line art exhibition tomorrow……………………

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