28.08.13 Art exhibition day eleven and an inspirational trailer

Art exhibition day eleven

Vin yards France

Vin yards France

I found this an amazing sight, the vines had been sprayed with a bright blue (probably toxic!) chemical. The whole valley was this wonderful shade of jade/turquoise.

It’s foggy this morning and I am delaying my walk, which has given me the excuse to get on with typing up patterns and remedying those tiresome mistakes, the ones that I always think I’ll remember when re-knitting a piece but rarely do! Is that why one sleeve is longer than the other?

The sun is just now breaking through so this morning’s walk will be in the company of four delightful boys, my arthritic Labrador and two very lively Jack Russels (mother and daughter – both wanting to be top dog).

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s walk, I love the colours of this trailer so much, I actually used them for inspiration (see cardigan below).

Corn trailer

Corn trailer


Napier cardigan

Napier cardigan


Now I’m off to walk………………………..

More art tomorrow……………………




















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