08.01.13. Another hat, an interesting find, and taking colour coordination a bit too seriously




I think Marcel is trying to pretend that he’s not wearing a girls hat – ignore it and it will go away sort of attitude – he’s right, it did…………….

An interesting day, one of those days when you decide to get ‘stuff’ done and you ‘go for it’ only to find it was a bit of a waste of time………….

So, I had a  lovely walk first thing and, what to the crazy fossil hunters in this house, would call a real result………the first large ammonite to be found on our farm – just lying at my feet on the track close to the old chalk pit in the woods……….

Now, to you it may not mean much, but considering it’s around 60 million years old – I call it a real treasure……………..



From then on things went just a tad downhill…………………off to Kings Lynn, I’d promised my tenant Craig, eons ago, that I would source some fabric to cover the bar stools at the Kings Head……………this was the sole reason for my trip to town……………..Charlie, son number 4, came along for the ride – and a free lunch; and Ben, Charlie’s friend, met up with us at the restaurant. Lovely lunch, good food, good company……….and a parting of the ways whilst I went to shop and Ben gave Charlie a lift home………………

Success, I found the very same fabric for the stools, bought it and phoned Craig to tell him the good news – he announced that his mother had also been to Kings Lynn and bought the fabric……so? – he now has a lot of fabric. I’m sure it will be very useful…………..Time for home………..well it would have been had Charlie not taken our car keys home with him! Tracking him down was harder than finding the  end of the rainbow……………endless cups of coffee later our son turned up with the keys and, I thought, a bit of a red face – maybe he’d been running?

Talking of red faces, Charlie and Holly, who at the moment live in the main estate house, have been featured in a posh magazine. It’s hard for my husband and I to read the dozen or so mistakes that the interviewer has made. Our lovely Queen Ann house that we spent so many happy years maintaining and nurturing, apparently has an oak panelled bedroom – it’s mahogany, and Victorian walls? Harder still perhaps for H & C who are apparently newly weds in there first home – they’ve been married for five years and own a home of their own. But I’m nit-picking, it’s actually a nice article with nice photographs. I think today was the first day since we moved to this  single story cottage (my husband has Parkinson’s – the reason for our move) that I’ve felt a pang of regret about leaving my wonderful home of over thirty years (my husband had lived there since 1957). So many people ask me how I could bear to leave such a beautiful place – the answer today is that I’m afraid I can’t!

And finally is this taking colour coordination too far?

I take Aspirin and the side effect of this is strange bruise-like markings on my arms………….

Aspirin 'bruises'

Aspirin ‘bruises’

and the other arm………………

more Aspirin 'bruises'

more Aspirin ‘bruises’

Glancing down on my way home from town I saw that I had a perfect colour match with the top I was wearing –  a bruise too far maybe?






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