01.12.13 Time well spent and a new lease of life

1st December – can this be so? where did the other 11 months go?

I suppose the first day of each month is a good day to ask oneself if one has used the last month/year wisely. I still look upon my life as if the time allocated to me from my birth is equal to a cache of money – all those hours and days deposited, ready for me – the owner of my time, to spend as I wish. I know, I know, there’s many hours that are spent in duty – child care, caring for others, (elderly  parents, perhaps), then there’s work and a living to earn, and maintenance on our homes and all the stuff that goes with being a ‘responsible’ person. But I can choose to spend my time with love in my heart and a smile on my face. I can choose to spend my ‘spare’ time, doing an unselfish act……………… I can choose to treat others as I would wish to be treated…………………

Enough of my personal philosophy………..

I have decided to devote a little of my blog time to pass a tip or two along…………I mean just passing on (what I think is) a good idea

Idea number one…………….

Recover a body warmer. I could say that the colour of this body warmer was no longer to my taste – but it would be a blatant lie. I actually spilled grease down the front and no amount of washing has lessened the stain. A little check fabric – this left over from a coat I made for one of the children many years ago……………..

rejuvenated waist coat

rejuvenated waist coat

Cut the fabric into the rough shape of each part of the garment (back and 2 fronts) sew the shoulder seams together and the side seams as far as the arm opening; press seams open. Turn a small hem at the fronts ( about 2.5cm /1″ away from the zip), neck, armholes and bottom of the fabric, then sew into place on the body-warmer; make slits in the fabric for the pockets and again turn in a small hem and slip stitch into place around the pocket.

sew around the pocket slits

sew around the pocket slits

Sew through all the layers on the same lines as the original padding was sewn.

sew through all the layers

sew through all the layers

Finally, make bias binding in the same fabric, here I have used a wider bias binding for the front edges, and  a narrower one for the rest. Sew bias binding into place.

sew the bias binding into place

sew the bias binding into place

Suddenly this is now my new favourite garment………………

And, just a quick peep of paradise…………………..

The path to my cottage and the little dog Hesper

The path to my cottage and the little dog Hesper

Another blog and another – tip, or project or simply a Susan Campbell good idea, next Sunday……………….

Bye, bye……………… oh and don’t forget the website www.susancampbelldesigns.co.uk


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