12.01.14. A wet France, an Xmas box from the dustmen and a new project

Our first Sunday back from Christmas in France with our daughter and her extended French family. B and I have brought  terrifying ‘French’ colds back with us. Hardly surprising as the heavens were totally engaged with reviving the water table! I think there were perhaps just 5 rainless days in the whole of our 3 week stay. I had imagined sipping champagne on Christmas day in our daughter’s garden, but it was definitely an indoor day and therefore twice as much champagne was sipped and, of course, twice as much food consumed – this (the damp weather!) could explain why, on returning home I find that everything – even my wedding ring, seem to have shrunk!

But today the rain is forgotten

A good English frost!

A good English frost!

and I am greeted with a hard Frost and bright sunshine………………….

I always thought that Christmas was a time when we – the householder, presented the various tradesmen with gifts – a thank you for a years worth of jobs well done. The postmen, the milkman and the refuge collectors. In our little valley things, it appears, are different – the refuge collectors presented us with an unforgettable gift………….

The main gates, painful!

The main gates, painful!

and for a better view……………..

danger, keep clear

danger, keep clear

Is this not clear enough?

Just a hint!

Just a hint!

These beautiful old gates came from the East India company docks – hence the little Buda at the top. Oh well – no one was hurt…………………………………not even the Buda…………..

My studio looks as if a small but incredibly efficient bomb has been dropped – what to do? I have no time to tidy and ‘put away’ and if I do I won’t find anything……………………. and the more storage space I get the more stuff I buy to store – could there be a moral in this tale?

And one ‘funny’ fact…………….a friend and college of my husband’s – a Professor at Cambridge University, has had to ban knitting during his lectures – the clicking of the needles drove him to distraction…………………the student defended the hobby, saying that knitting helped her to concentrate on the lecture. He’s an Anthropologist – so there you have it – knitting is in our blood and part of the great jigsaw of evolution!

And here’s the project from January

 The knitters broach

The knitters broach

To make the broach go to my Quail publishing blog at http://www.quailbooks.com/blog/susans-january-post

and don’t forget the website at www.susancampbelldesigns.co.uk

No blog next Sunday as I’m off to Durham to see our little Northern family.



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