23:03:14 The tale of the dog the bunting and the Easter eggs


This morning I awoke to a glorious day with sunlight streaming through my window, I deferred taking the dogs for a walk and decided to get Sunday lunch organised instead, and maybe get a few jobs done– like mopping up the water from the dog’s bowl that I’ve just tripped over – the bowl has only been in that place for 2 years so it’s very understandable that I haven’t got used to it yet! The beef is out of the fridge to ‘breath’ the potatoes are par-boiled ready for roasting, Yorkshire pudding is made, the vegetables are prepared (cabbage with bacon), the onions are tucked under the beef for the gravy…………..and now the sun is no longer shining and it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’……………….what’s that? Carpe diem?


I have spent the last couple of days preparing for a workshop that I taking in the autumn. Don’t you just love this fabric, it’s so insanely expensive that I bought just a metre, some time ago now, and I periodically drool over it!

It’s a workshop   combination fabric with knitting and I’ll show my ‘students’ how to get from this ……….





To this



I’ve also been busy preparing my April blog for my publisher’s web site. I realised that if I’m making something for Easter then it really needs to be out there a while before Easter so that it can be made in time for Easter day.

And here is the finished project




And the second, 2 hour version





There is, as ever, a tale to tell, the first version of bunting has little pockets to be filled with Easter eggs, I know, I know, the AGA was not a good place to hang it………………… chocolate, Aga……….. do not a good combination make, but, in fairness to my doziness I did immediately, well almost immediately, realise this and so I whipped them down – forgetting to take the chocolate eggs out of the pockets ………… they went everywhere, cursing, I scrabbled on the floor to get to the eggs before the small (very quick) terrier ……………….. meanwhile an egg fell unnoticed onto the AGA …………….. it left an indescribable mess ……………….

I eventually finished the photographing the bunting, folded it away and did an egg count ………….. four missing, one of those had succumbed to the AGA and the other three?  There were traces of silver paper around the house and a very happy (and a tad barrel shaped) dog! I’ve heard that chocolate is very bad for dogs – but Hesper seems just fine……………..

Now I shall don on boots and hat and brave the rain for my canine friends

Don’t forget the website www.susancampbelldesigns.co.uk

And I’ll post the site for my bunting instructions later in the week


Love Susan x

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2 Responses to 23:03:14 The tale of the dog the bunting and the Easter eggs

  1. ehlittlefield . says:


    Heavenly! How many for lunch? Love your tales of life in the country, the universe. Miss you more than I can say. Bernard, too.



    • Just six of us today. B and me, Holly and Charlie (baby due in the autumn) Jaymi one of our office workers and Lee, estate worker. Lovely lunch and a lovely day! We miss you too, haven’t seen dear Kate for an age (her bedroom still has her name on the door!) much love S xxx


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