13.04.14. Art exibition day one, new life and new hope

Palm Sunday, and our valley is filled with Sunday Best Sunshine, new life surrounds us, there are dozens of lambs, ducklings, and young partridge chicks all around us. The garden is bursting with colour, and the smell of brewing coffee and freshly made bread permeate the air.


next year's yarn?

next year’s yarn?

New life

Look to this day for it is life

The very life of life

In its brief course lie all the realities and truths of existence

the joy of growth

the splendour of action

the glory of power

For yesterday is but a memory

And tomorrow is only a vision

But today well-lived makes every yesterday

a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow

a vision of hope

Look well, therefore, to this day


B catching the rays

B catching the rays

My man is enjoying the sunshine


my garden is awakening

my garden is awakening

The garden is a riot of colour

Charlie took the dogs for a walk, I gave him my camera and asked him to photograph anything, you, the reader might find interesting, here is the photo


The new barn and Moscow

The new barn and Moscow

I guess it’s a boy thing?

There is much excitement in the Campbell household, having abandoned my painting for design work (the excuse being that paint, fabric and yarn do not happy bedfellows make). I am now converting what we grandly call the ‘Sun room’ into my painting studio. The sofa has been moved to the kitchen, an act that Moscow, Charlie and Holly’s Labrador seems to think is entirely for her benefit, she’s not allowed on sofas, but seems to feel that this sofa is the exception that makes the rule!

Yesterday I found a small cabinet, the perfect size for oil paints, and today I’ll poke around in the big barn (cemetery for all unwanted – one day, may be useful, furniture). Later I hope my easel will be moved in and I’ll be away. Meanwhile I’ll brush up on my water colour skill, and today is the first day of my online water colour exhibition.

Water colour exhibition. Day one……………….

on the way to Rome

on the way to Rome

I know, I know, I paint better than I use a camera

More to read next week, meanwhile don’t forget the website www.susancampbelldesigns.co.uk


Love Susan x















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