27.04.2014.Water-colour exhibition day three, new life and old dogs

Water-colour exhibition day three, new life and old dogs

A local scene this time, just up on the coast a very few miles from here. Sorry about reflexion in the glass……….


North Norfolk Coast

North Norfolk Coast


My friend, Val, has just started water-colour painting, I think water-colour is the most unforgiving of mediums, make one mistake and it’s there for life, oils are far more flexible, make a mistake, paint over it. Yet everyone begins with watercolours. I suppose it’s because as children one paints watercolour and so little equipment is needed…………….


Where do the weeks go?

Holly is almost half way to her confinement, the knitting patterns are out and the yarn ready, Jan (Holly’s Mama) brought a little jumper which she had knitted for Holly many moons ago – well, 27 years ago to be precise – that’s a lot of moons. She had long since lost the pattern, so a pattern was taken from the garment, white yarn chosen with the view of adding a little pink or blue, and Jan is, even as I write this, beavering away on said jumper…………watch this space ……….

I’m actually hedging my bets and have knitted these booties……………….

Boy or girl?

Boy or girl?

I’ve added blue ribbon to one and pink to the other, as soon as I find out what the stork is bringing I shall whip the inappropriate ribbon out and replace it with the other – neat hey? I can then say “Oh, but I knew it was going to be a boy/girl all along”……………

I’m about to make up some of my knitting/sewing packs so I need to clear the studio and make a little production area, I’m itching to begin, but still await a few bits………….. I’m not good at waiting

Our very sweet Labrador, Fable is not well at all, she does have terrible arthritis, but yesterday her front right leg kept ‘letting her down’ and she just falls over, I’m more distressed than she is! The vet tells us that her days are numbered – applies to us all! I just hope her number of days are too many for me to count……………..

I’m going to spend the rest of the day with my work book and fill a few pages with all the designs that are crammed into my head. It’s a job to think whilst the brain is so crowded………… once down on paper I can forget about them and leave room for something else……………….

And last but not least, the new kid on the block…………

just born and finding her feet

just born and finding her feet


Love Susan x

Web site www.susancampbelldesigns .co.uk





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