17.04.14. shooting babies, devoted (grand) motherhood, free project, and another watercolour

Well what a wonderful week, the weather has been a little unpredictable and this summer storm played strange tricks with the light


summer storm

summer storm


It’s suddenly high summer here in the valley, the chestnut trees are resplendent with their conical blossom ‘candles’ and the air is heavy with their scent

Chestnut tree

Chestnut tree

The lambs are growing fast as is the grass to feed them……………… Flash memory from many years ago, my daughter viewing sheep in a field, licking her lips and saying “Mmm…… I love lamb”, children brought up on farms tend to have a very realistic approach to life (and death for that matter!)


Here is another of my watercolours again spoiled by the glass reflexion but I hope you can just about make it out. It’s of the Hall…………….such a wonderfully happy welcoming house……………..with lots of tales to tell……………….


Sedgeford Hall

Sedgeford Hall

I’m frantically trying to finish a few of my designs for a photo shoot next week. My publisher asked me if we were going to shoot the babies on Tuesday! I said I thought he should rephrase the question. But yes some of my ‘stuff’ is being ‘shot’ by a professional photographer – will I be pleased with the results? I wonder?

Then on Wednesday the Hall is being used for a Coat’s fabric shoot, I so want to see “what, how, when” but I am flying to the south of France to babysit this cute fellow


Granny and Marcel

Granny and Marcel


……….. okay he’s my grandson and I may, just may, be a little prejudiced. Holly and Charlie are going to move into the house to care for B. He may fade away, become an alcoholic or even become a heavy metal fan, who knows? It may be very interesting …………………

I have just completed my project for the May Quail website, here it is, check them out if you want the instructions


decoupage hanger

decoupage hanger



No blog next week as I said, I’m flying off to the South of France ………………. It’s tough but someone has to help out………………..


Love Susan x











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