A blog at last……………

I’m sorry for the long absence it’s not as if there has been nothing to write about. A vineyard in France, a book being published, workshops a plenty, and what was the other thing?

Ah, yes……….

Eva Rose Jesse Campbell

Eva Rose Jesse Campbell

Eva Rose Jesse Campbell arrived on 1st October, bringing with her, oh so much love……….. we are all totally besotted! Eva (my grandmother’s name) and Jesse (my mother’s name), I am, even as I write this, quite emotional about it. These women, her forbearers, were not only beautiful with wide apart eyes and classic good looks, they were soft and gentle and generous of spirit, very like little Eva’s mother, Holly…………… a blessed and blessed child if ever there was one………….

Okay, I was about to write about the autumn here at Sedgeford, the turning of the leaves, the ‘mellow fruitfulness’ but Eva seems capable of making all that seem – never boring, but well………………… dare I say ordinary?

But of course, it’s not, the leaves are turning, the horse chestnuts carpet the floor and the squirrels are much enjoying the fruit of the big walnut tree

mellow fruitfulness

I have just finished the proofs to my baby book which will be out in February. I’ve spent the last  I don’t know how many weeks packing knitting and sewing kits for the Harrogate stitching and knitting show. I’m now finishing off a selection of little dresses for my stand there – phew.

I really will write a long and interesting blog next Sunday……………

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1 Response to 05.10.2014

  1. Liz says:

    The most fruitful autumn ever… and what a glorious harvest. Welcome Eva Jesse Campbell! Great to have you back Susan!


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