03.12.14. lovely show, lovely people

The show must go on! I write, of course about the Stitching and Knitting show in Harrogate. Four happy (despite the aching feet) very busy days. At home I spend most of my days here in my studio with only the occasional visitor – usually my husband who staggers in from the drawing room to ask what’s for lunch or isn’t it time for tea! So I’m not much used to talking – and wow, did I talk at the Harrogate show! I taught five workshops – lovely students, including ten year old Anna who put some of the older students to shame, her enthusiasm was catching and everyone had a lot of fun.

I met a wealth of like-minded people and had my wonderful ‘team’ with me. To run the stand – my son Charlie, his wife Holly, (plus their 8 week old daughter, Eva) and Jaymi our ‘operations director’. Lee, our estate manager, van driver, stand builder and wheelchair pusher extraordinaire.  Camp follower – my (wheelchair bound) husband Bernard, and Linda my housekeeper for over 30 years, who did a wonderful job looking after both B and baby Eva whilst we worked (for work read talked).

The completed stand

The completed stand

Putting the stand together was  quite a learning curve. Even booking it wasn’t straight forward. The exact size we booked turned out to be 5cm shorter on each side so last minute alterations were needed – and they say size doesn’t matter!

Kit samples

Kit samples

We thought we were being extremely clever only printing 10 of each pattern before we left  and topping them up each evening with our laptop and printer safely tucked away in Jaymi’s hotel room. Not such a clever move;  my patterns sold like ‘hotcakes’ and we just couldn’t keep up with supply and demand………………

Charlie at work

Charlie at work

The only downside was packing the stand up – one has to get a timed permit from the admin office – held in another part of Harrogate. Lee duly turned up at the appointed time and obtained our permit, only to find that he was unable to proceed to the hall because dozens of vehicles had already formed a queue at the loading bay. None of these vehicles had bothered to obtain a permit,  all gave the porters on duty a hefty tip to ‘jump’ the queue, as a result we had to wait in the bitter cold for well over two hours until our name was called.

This is Jenifer whom I met at the Ally-Pally show – I just love her kits – and her – she a very sweet lady. Her work can be found on hello@stitchandstory.com

Jenifer at stitch and story

Jenifer at stitch and story

One of the best things to happen at the show………….. 3 different yarn manufacturers asked me to pattern write for them and  fourth offered to buy one of my patterns for them to publish…………. that did feel good!

On a personal note – I do miss Fable, every time I walk the dogs I still look behind to make sure she’s still following me, then I’m hit with realization that she is no more…………..

I’m going to hospital on 16th December to have a Trapeziectomy on my left hand, that’s the removal of the trapezium which is the bone between the wrist bone and the metacarpal of the thump. The arthritis in my  hands is getting progressively worse, and the steroid injections I have every 6 months, are not lasting for more than a couple of months, so I’m biting the bullet and hoping for a more permanent solution. The big drawback is that it will take 6-9 months to recover, and I won’t be able to use the hand or drive for about 3 months. I am right handed, so I shall write loads of patterns ready for knitting and I can also paint, of course………….what this space!

Finally, if anyone would like the patterns and instructions to my Christmas bauble and/or my heart wall hanging let me know and I’ll e-mail it out to you.

heart wall hanging

heart wall hanging

Christmas bauble

Christmas bauble

Love Susan x

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1 Response to 03.12.14. lovely show, lovely people

  1. Valerie Anckorn. says:

    Well done Susan – worth all the effort by the sounds of it. What’s your next step?


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