21.12.14. A handy escape from Christmas

The family shoot was a glorious occasion, the day bright, cold, crisp, and extremely windy which made for fast, high, and challenging birds………… the black tie dinner was a riot, lots of fun, laughter, and yes – booze (and good food). And a still, magical, moment when Stephanie, one of our guests (professional opera singer) enchanted us with ‘Oh Holy Night’ ……….. thank you Stephanie


Dr Tom and Bella on the last drive of the day

Dr Tom and Bella on the last drive of the day


There is a very strong rumour bandying around that Christmas is just around the corner….. I seem to have missed a whole week of my life and I’m less prepared for this celebration than I have ever been and suddenly it is upon us…… I haven’t shopped or sent a single Christmas card…………… it will all be over and passed me by which is so sad……………. no Hatty and family this year which is even sadder……….

My hand operation (trapeziectomy) was ‘uneventful’ …………… I like uneventful when it concerns my health. The hand is now no more painful than the arthritis that prompted the surgery, although I am adhering to a strict regime of analgesics. My real problem is frustration – can’t knit, can’t sew (can’t get my contact lenses in, cook, fold linen, wash my hair or pin it up, can’t drive) I had no idea that the left thumb was such an essential digit.  I am writing some patterns ready for the off once the stitches are out and the plaster is removed – but it will be about 3 months before the hand becomes ‘useful’ again.

I thank everyone who has helped over the past couple of weeks – especially Holly and Charlie, Jan and Trevor, Wills, Mark and Lee, . And thank you to everyone for their good wishes and offers of help……….. thank you, thank you, thank you…………………

This evening is our village church’s nine carols and lessons – I’m reading ‘The Prophecy of the Messiah’s birth’, then I light the third candle – with one hand? I’m wondering if a cigarette lighter would be entirely inappropriate.

Well, with my one handed typing I send you all good wishes for a joyful Christmas and a contented New Year

love Susan x

P.S. attention all new mums…………. Chrissie Day’s lovely new baby book – ‘Knitted Modern Classics for babies’ is now on sale from anywhere that stocks Rowen yarns……….





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