2 full days left before I leave

I have been trying to pack, I’ve got the “what I haven’t got I’ll do without” stage.

I simply cannot unscrew my walking poles to enable them to fit into my suitcase. I don’t have strong hands despite all the knitting. My daughter-in -law Holly and friend Jaymi have called by to try and unscrew them. But alas they had no more success than I. I shall be out looking for strong man tomorrow!

This has been on my notice board for at least ten years, today it seems very pertinent as I stand at the gate of my second year without my dearest husband and as I prepare for my first Camino.

Susan x

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2 Responses to 2 full days left before I leave

  1. Kent Loy says:

    Hi Susan
    Jim and I send you love and strength as you start on the Camino. You’ll be so enriched by the experience – with or without the uncooperative walking sticks. The Spanish women do such incredible crochet/knit-wear for the children. Lots of inspiration there. I can’t wait to see your designs that come from the trip as you develop them. much love and hugs,

    Kent & Jim


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