One day to go before I step into the unknown!

I have spent the morning packing and unpacking, discarding, then changing my mind; then changing my mind again. Do I really need the cockroach and bed bug spray? Athletes foot powder? Hair shampoo? Spare pair of gloves in case I lose the pair I’m taking? Can I do without the trainers, I have walking boots and walking sandals. How many plug adapters do I need? Surely Monty didn’t have these sort of logistics when organising the eighth army? Never has “what shall I wear” been so heartfelt.

I must take the pebbles and shells from our local beach to place along the way, and his photo and the poem………..

This morning I have walked up to his grave which is on the hillside above our cottage……..

Now I am all prepared to set forth…… searching for spiritual well being, wondering what this journey will bring; but all the time knowing that I will start each day with hope. I cling to hope……..

Susan x

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8 Responses to One day to go before I step into the unknown!

  1. Good luck, God speed! Love to you and Bernard and discovery. Always with love, Liz


  2. Ann Cowling says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world hope you find peace and comfort need sone myself at the moment will be with you in thought love Ann xxxx


  3. Peter and Barbara says:

    Just found out about your Camino. We had a wonderful experience, but only did the last section from Sarria to Santiago. Just enough for our Compostelas. The weather will be very challenging at this time of year, particularly in the Pyrenees – do take great care. We will be thinking of you.
    God speed and Buen Camino
    Peter and Barbara


  4. Judy Smith says:

    Dear Susan,

    I’ll be thinking of you along the way. If anyone can do it, it will be you!

    We all have tremendous faith in you and your ability to persevere. I look forward to reading about your journey and wish you a wonderful experience.


    Be brave. Be kind.

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. caroleclarke24 says:

    Thinking of you, Susan – and Bernard – with much love. Stay strong and enjoy the journey.
    Carole and David xx


  6. Roger Hallett says:

    The sun is rising in a beautiful clear blue sky here on 11 March in Queensland. Thinking of you – and your wonderful Bernard – on this day in particular as you start your adventure. I know you will gain strength and inspiration from all those of us with you in spirit.
    But please make sure you take small bites at a time, savor each moment and don’t push beyond what is comfortable and safe. As you say, it is not a race, it is an experience and a very personal one.
    And, your followers will understand if you don’t manage updates – this is ‘you’ time.


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