Day six.Zubri to Pamplona

The day started with a little too much excitement. The owner, the utterly charming owner, who has less English than my Spanish, treated me like royalty from the moment I arrived, no, I mustn’t eat in the bar, the dinning room is much nicer, and no, I mustn’t sit near to the door, much too draughty, and a glass of Tinto on the house would warm me up as I was so cold and wet. Last night I sorted my things out and it was clear that some things just had to go. My hand made Camino waistcoat……

With all its useful pockets, it was miles too big for me anyway and I can always knit another.

My sleeping bag liner, very heavy, and a waist pack I’d made from one of B’s old jumpers. I hope the next Pilgrim that comes along finds a use for them.

Breakfast this morning was once again enough to feed a family of four for a week. After breakfast I packed up and my belongings and my kind host offered to give me a lift to the Camino which was a mile or so away and where I had left off yesterday. I explained that a I had a taxi booked to take me back to the Camino. No he insisted, he was my taxi, he wanted so much to take me, he wanted to show me where his daughters went to school and the medieval bridge that crossed the river. Talk about lost in translation, in the end I climbed into his car and had a guided tour of Zubri, then on to the Camino, but then he thought that that part was quite steep for me and continued to drive about 4 kilometres actually on the Pilgrim track, kicking up dust and scattering Pilgrims to left and right as we went. At one point I could hear my mother’s warnings about not getting into a stranger’s car! It’s okay, he didn’t offer me sweets, but as soon as he decided that the terrain was fit for me cope, he stopped the car, let me out and gave me an apple to ‘keep me going’.

Two minutes later I bumped into Roland my companion from yesterday, who was having an in-depth chat to a local farmer about breeding horses and the joy of horse meat. So we set off for Pamplona, keeping close to the magnificent river most of the way and walking though woods, the path being quite muddy and slippery in places. From a bright start to the day the sky darkened and down came the rain…….

The roar of the river was deafening and just a tad frightening……

We were now on the outskirts of Pamplona. I don’t think I will ever forget my first sight of the fortifications, awesome is a totally inadequate word …….

But more on Pamplona tomorrow…….

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6 Responses to Day six.Zubri to Pamplona

  1. Peter and Barbara says:

    Well done making it to Pamplona. The rest of it may be long but it should be easier from now on.
    Peter And Barbara

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    • Susan Campbell says:

      This is a lovely city, so now it is down hill all the way? I know I begin with a climb tomorrow, then it levels out. But Ibshall just keep plodding at my own pace. Beginning to see a few more pilgrims now, at least one knows one is going the right way, either that or everyone is going the wrong way too! X x x


      • Barbara Brown says:

        The wonders of technology Susan, you walking through Pamplona as I was watching The Way and each corresponding with each other. With you in spirit all the way. So it’s easy peasy now then is it? Good luck and God Speed. Barbara xxx

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  2. Peter and Barbara says:

    Very few choose to walk back after they get there. Quelle surprise!

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