We followed the fortifications until we came to a medieval archway

And a real drawbridge that, judging by the pristine chains and mechanisms, is still in working order. I couldn’t stop taking photos; this is something everyone should see – sorry but it really fascinated me. Who were these people who were able to construct this thing,? how long did it take? 𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎 was cheap but how many men did it take, how did they get the walls so straight? And why did they need it?

the above probably answers all my questions!

After a hearty lunch, I set off to explore, what stupid person would leave their city map behind in their bedroom? That would be me……

First to the Cathedral which seemed closed for business today……

this is not the Cathedral, it’s what we would call a local Parish Church, which explains why it was locked. I went to bed happily believing that missing the renowned Cathedral was not my fault and imagining the clergy having a long lunch followed by an even longer siesta. It was until today that I learned my mistake, but vowed to go back to this ancient city, not, I might add, during the bull running!

I then I got delightfully lost in the old part of the town, not long after the delight turned slightly to panic, every street looked like every other street, the shops, mainly closed, looked like all the other shops……

Will there really be a run on Scottish tartan in Pamplona?

After street after street I came to a bus station and that really threw me. They have buses and tartan in Pamplona?

Empty chairs and empty tables and a lot of rain……..

Finally I found a land-mark that I recognised, it looked rather like a band stand but I am perfectly sure was a memorial to some long dead hero, and from there found my way home and another lovely muscle relieving bath.

Today I say goodbye to Pamplona and all its lovely decorative architecture……

And so I set off for Puenta la Reina. If I catch up with Roland again he’ll definitely think he’s got a stalker……..

Susan x

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3 Responses to Pamplona

  1. Barbara Brown says:

    Well not only walking but taking pictures as well, getting lost and found again back to a nice bath, then writing a blog. Is there no end to your talents. B would be patting you on the back as I am. Soldier on brave warrior just love your writings. God Bless Barbara


  2. Judy Smith says:

    Susan, I am enjoying your blog—your writing is charming and the pictures are just marvelous. I so admire your passion and and adventuresome spirit. Our love from all corners of the world is with you.—Burbank Judy


  3. beta44 says:

    We think that you are amazing getting to Pamplona, Great that you seem to have taken a rest day. Hope that your feet are still in good condition. If they are they should see you all the way through. Next major stop Logrono and Rioja.
    Love, Peter and Barbara


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