Day 13 Viana to Navarrete

Now let’s get this right, if I drink a large glass of wine and swallow a couple of multivitamins at the same time it counts as fortified wine? Right? Right, so I have just had a large glass of wine with my vitamins and am completely medically justified, right?

What I simply cannot understand is why, having got up at 6:30 am I’m still only able to begin walking at 8 am, okay there’s the teeth to clean but I only have the normal 24, there’s the duct tape to put on the heels (blister prevention) but I only have two heels, there’s the contact lenses to deal with, again only two, the boots, the gaiters, the layers (oh the decisions on hoe many layers) there,s the bread and jam for breakfast, how can all this take so long?

I leave Viana at eight passing this lovely (locked) Church on my way out of towm

Then out of the town gate, graced by a very ‘ knowing looking’ saint…..

Close up of saint……

He looks so learned, but this saint really appealed to me much more, he just looks like such an ordinary bloke, what do you think?

No frills, just an ordinary chap, wish I knew who he represents……

My last sight of Viana is this church/monastery, quiet and peaceful……

My mother used to say that you had to have the bad days to appreciate the good days, after yesterday’s atrocious weather today, although hanging onto the butter wind was bright and sunny and the sky an ultramarine blue,,,,,,

The road was smooth and easy and all was well in my world……

The track took me through a pine wood where I left a memorial poem to Bernard in the hope that it will bring comfort to other pilgrims that pass this way……

Once out of the wood the roadside was glowing with spring flowers…….

Whenever the track comes close to the road the wire is filled with crosses made from twigs and paper, I don’t know what this need to put them in this place is? To pray for those on the road? To show a pilgrim passed this way? I don’t know but the sight if thousands of these crosses does make one think, I’m told that in the summer months over three hundred pilgrims pass this way, what are they looking for. What are their hopes and their fears…….

Today the world is full of so much beauty in the most unlikely places ……

End of part One



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