Day 20; a day in Burgos

First of all for rest day read wash-day as one has to have a day off to get the walking clothes washed and dried…….

Not a pretty sight and I’m slightly anxious that they won’t be dried for when We carry on our walk tomorrow. It’s Hatty’s second and last days walking then on Friday at some early hour to travel to Alacati via Madrid and involves numerous trains and buses, she stays there a few days and then goes on to the beach in Barcelona to do a big beach clean up…..

I’ll be just following the yellow arrows to Santiago, sounds like I have the easier option….

Today we set out to explore the town which is scattered with lovely statues and bronzes……

We arrived at a Church which was obviously undergoing a spring clean……..

Spot the step ladder, must be a dusters nightmare.

Those who knew my husband know that he was a reading addict, books were his life, and it would be rare indeed not to see him without a book close to hand, therefore this particular effigy put a smile on my face….

Although I suspect this gentleman is reading the bible whereas Bernard would be far more likely to be reading Darwin…..

It was a lovely Church and Hatty and I sat for a while…..

As if from nowhere came the sound of heavenly voices…….

Adjacent from the church was a ruined church that had been turned into a theatre and wonderful voices filled the air with with

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