Still Day 20 Rest day in Burgos

No where was I before I pressed the wrong button.?

Just listening to the heavenly voices of the young of Pennsylvania, who were here to perform for the people of Spain, choirs, jazz band, orchestra, big band, string orchestra, all taking place in a half ruined church that had been roofed in and made into a big performing space it’s called the Museo Municipal Marceliano Santa Maria….. utterly superb, with amazing acoustics……..

here are some photos…

And here are some of the bright and enthusiastic young people taking part……

It was so lovely talking to them, thy had already performed in Barcelona, Vilassar, today Burgos and then to Madrid and Toledo…. what wonderful things the Camino throws at ones feet…….

The one Hatty and I went to the Cathedral, quite a “mouth dropper” this one…..

Every which way was something astounding to see….

As for the inside…..

Every surface, every angle, filled us with wonder….

And here are some views of Burgos, it’s a truly beautiful city and Im so pleased I made my “wash day” here……

I think this is El CID, but not sure who he is or what he did, but he does look rather splendid doesn’t he ….

And here is one that Bernard would heartedly approve of …..

So today we have been tourists, looking at and enjoying the sites, eating good food and drinking good wine, but I for one am looking forward to getting my feet back on the Way tomorrow……

And for the record…..

love Susan x

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3 Responses to Still Day 20 Rest day in Burgos

  1. Ann Cowling says:

    Just bought a fucshia called El Camino will remind me of you off to Wisbech Saturday to pick up my girls still knitting away think about you often xx


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