Day 24: Boadilla del Camino to Carrión Los Condes

Part one

Easter Day, April fools day……..

It’s difficult not to begin now and work my way back through the day because surely I’ve ended up in Paradise!

But to begin at the beginning. I slept badly, plagued by dreams and waking often, (I have a cold, with a snuffy nose) so sleepless in fact that I longed to be off. I stayed at a simple hostel last night which was attached to a Pilgrims Auberge where on took ones meals, breakfast didn’t begin until 7:30 and as I’d been told that there were very few cafes along the way today as most places would be closed on Easter Sunday. I decided I ought to stock up on a few carbs before my journey…..

The Auberge had an interesting painted mural on the wall, lots of brightly painted naked bodies….. I decided it was best not to ask…..

I was at the Auberge promptly at 7:30 and ate my humble rations of toast, one pat of butter and one sachet of jam, orange juice and coffee. I’d left all my things in my room to collect after breakfast – really good plan, Susan……. Well, how was I to know that the hostel door automatically locked itself when the door was closed. I knocked, I tried various bells, hopped from one foot to the other (always such a help in a crisis) and became thoroughly frustrated. I eventually went back to the Auberge, the young man running the place came back to the hostel, placed his thumb in a little infra red box and the door magically opened…..

Coat on, loaded up and on my way by 8:15….

And the morning greeted me with an abundance of sunshine, cool fresh air, and not a breath of wind, and the moon competing with the sun for dominance…..

The moon….

The sun was highlighting the trees on my way, it was just such a lovely beginning to the day….

I soon reached the Canal de Castilla, which could not have looked more beautiful…..

The air was very still and the sun climbing in the sky, and I cursed myself for putting on so many layers……

The path led along by the canal for quite some way and the whole way was just enchanting..

Eventually At Frómista I came to a set of locks and the sound of water gushing through the cracks and crevices in the lock gates was just a tad alarming. I really did have to steel myself to cross over the canal via the top,of the lock gates. The views up and down the canal were spectacular but I was quite pleased to reach solid ground on the opposing bank…..

This sign quite excited me as it means that I am (now, in fact, after my 25km walk today) halfway through my journey……

And on to the town of Frómista where the trees are taught to hold hands nicely…

And the same rule applies to the trees in the square Revenga de Campos……

By now I am thankful for my four layers, the wind has come to tease me again……

And here’s a struggling pilgrim with a fresh coat of paint in an orchard at Villovieco……

On to the village of Villalcázar de Sirga and it’s splendid church…..

And by the side of the path on this Easter Day, this festival of new life; the plants and flowers are waking up after a long hard winter and giving me so much joy……..the circle of life goes on…..

And suddenly it’s 1:15 and I realised that was in the town of Carrión los Condas, which is my stopping place for the night. My head was so full of thoughts that I’d failed to notice the km burning up…..

It’s a big town and, being Easter Day, the town was humming, many, many people, men women and children dressed in wonderful romantic black cloaks rather in the style of a bull-fighter, some with red lining that caught the light when they moved. And also many Pilgrims, and we greet each other as we pass…..

I know that my lodgings fir the night are at the very end of the town so I follow the scallop shells and the yellow arrows, snapping the square as I pass and admiring the pretty benches that be on to me to sit….. but would I be able to get up again? My whole body is complaining, in the nicest possible way….

And there before me at the edge of town are my sleeping quarters, surely there’s been a mistake, that just cannot be it, I recheck my paperwork…….

End of part one……..

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  1. I love the idea of the children (the trees) being asked to hold hands.


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