Day 28: Sahagun to Reliegos

Due to a mix up in my room bookings I had a an 8 hour walk today and covered 30.4 km which is about 18.5 miles. In fairness the firm that did my forward bookings did offer to taxi my half way, but I thought that would be like cheating myself so I decided to just do it….

Ever part of my body aches!

My accommodation tonight is described in the firms booklet thus “it’s services are basic but offers all a pilgrim needs to have a good rest; living in the authentic atmosphere of a pilgrim hostel”

Basic it is, but the owners are once again sweet people, even though they did try and get me to pay for my bed which was long since paid to the firm that made all my arrangements……. (10€ a night)

Dinner consisted of spaghetti Bol, followed by a white bean stew with what looked like a fried penis floating in it. Not that I have ever seen a fried penis but imagination rather took over, and no I did not eat it……..

Yes well, moving rapidly on……

I have decided that my favourite saint just has to be San Miguel, he certainly saved my life after my long walk……

Today’s adventures….

This was the view from my bedroom window as the sun was setting (in rather a smart hotel) last night….

The tree looked glorious picking up the colours from the sunset….

This was the same view this morning…

Thick fog, one could only see a couple of yards in front, which Is my excuse for missing a turn and getting hopelessly lost and unable to find my way back to “The Way” …..

I asked a really nice man if he could direct me, “no” he said, “I will take you”. Now I wasn’t just a few streets away from my right path, I was probably half a kilometre or more, and he took me all the way, not leaving me until I was safely on the right path. The kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me.

The fog hung low by the river and made for an eerie scene

Here’s a few pictures of Sahagun….

The main gate…..

A very modern pilgrim…..

Another modern pilgrim…..

A des res for anyone wising to downsize…..

A property ripe for development….

A sight to gladden a pilgrims heart…..

The lovely but isolated chapel of Our Lady of Perales at Bercianos del Real Camino……..

And …..

I have actually no idea what the purpose of this stainless steel tube going over the Camino is, or what it’s purpose might be……

Another Peregrino that finish his pilgrim early …..

The architecture undergoes a marked change here at Bercianos del Real Camino where the house and barns are made out of mud and straw…

Although the buildings don’t seem to stand the test of time…

Close up,of the building materials……..

Even the Church Is part built of mud and straw….

The road was flat and very, very long …….

To my right the snow covered mountains …….

And along the sides of the path the beautiful smell of wild thyme with the new growth just coming through,,,

And the wild flower have decided that spring should now formally begin…

I’d love to end this with some profound and meaningful words but I am overcome with ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ



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2 Responses to Day 28: Sahagun to Reliegos

  1. Susan, I am in awe of your achievements in not only furnishing us followers with a wonderful, very pictorial travelogue, but managing to do it even after a 30 km walk! Your cardiologist must be proud of you.


    • I’m not sure my cardiologist would be too impressed, she advised me to walk no more than 15 to 20 km a day, but I seem to be doing okay, so far so good. It’s lovely to here from you x


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