Day 30: Rest day in León

I slept badly with a jumble of dreams ‘I lean on the parapet of a bridge and it gives way, plunging me into fetid water, I rush home to change only to find that all my clothes have shrunk’, ‘I see people hunting with dogs and am helpless to protect the small creatures that are being ripped to pieces’, just a jumble of dreams…… maybe a big worry that my walking clothes won’t dry in time and I’ll end up putting wet clothes on in the morning? Who know what dreams mean? …….

I wake in a low mood, tears come unbidden and I feel I have made little progress in the last twelve months. I wonder if tears are a luxury, I wonder if, instead of a journey I am just plain running away, or rather walking away. I wonder if because today I am static I’m robbed of my purpose, which is to travel on……

It’s not true if course, I have made tremendous progress. But is being in a strange land with a language I neither speak nor understand a form of running away in itself? …..

So here I am in León, still no photographs as the network won’t take them whatever that might mean, hopefully at the next place the WiFi will be better ……

Anyway I had a huge breakfast, I’m just convinced that I am not eating enough. After breakfast I went back to my room and slept until 2:30 pm, then went out and discovered León, which is a truly lovely city, I went to the Cathedral and met an Australian and his 16 year old son, he has been planning his trip for 6 years, I hope we meet up again on the Way.

Lunch consisted of Spanish ham sandwiches and Tinto, I already feel that I have over eaten. But I am very conscious of the ‘can’t run a car without petrol’ theory so am trying to fuel more often. In this vein I have restocked my emergency rations, a tin of tuna, some healthy bran biscuits and some cashew nuts. To be honest I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do now, it’s five o’clock about the time I would be arriving at my next lodgings on a ‘normal’ day. I’m always worried that if I sleep in the daytime I won’t sleep at night. Indeed my mind wondered to what people in prison do with their days? Do they lie on their beds and doze, do they use up all their energies in sleep, and then lie awake at night? I feel today that I am in a prison of my own making, my room is nice, heated, and warm, it’s bitterly cold outside and snow is forecast here before the end of the week, but hopefully I shall out-walk it.

I hope to be able to show some photographs at my next stop or at least to consult my children on ‘ how to do it’, which is exactly why we have kids these days, to help us with the technology!

Love Susan x

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2 Responses to Day 30: Rest day in León

  1. beta44 says:

    We are walking in Spain, south of Valencia but in comparatively luxurious accommodation. We are thinking of you each day as you carry on with your journey. When we get home we will have achieved little compared to you. You only have to get from Leon to Sarria after that you will be swept along for the last few days with your fellow pelligrinos. Love P&B xx


    • I love Valencia, only ever driven there a couple of times when going from southern Spain up to Hatty’s house in the south of France. I hope you weather is more predictable than ours here? Love S x


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