Day 31: Leon to Villadangos Del Paramo

I thought I would never leave the suburbs of León behind and indeed it took me a couple of hours before I was out of suburbia, the landscape was slightly more hilly than of late, but most of the way I was aware of Mr Commerce, be it the odd factory or the main roads converging on one another. The weather? When I left a León was like a spring day and I was busy ‘delayering’, but within the hour I was busy layering up again. And as I enter the village it is raining. I have never come across a weather system quite like this, one seems to have all four seasons in a single day.

I am still not able to download or upload or whatever, my photographs, sorry, will consult UK experts……(ie, the children)

I am in the bar of the hostel I am staying at tonight. There’s a hot poker game in progress and the TV is on (of course). An elderly man, well dressed and has a sweet benign look about him , has suddenly left the poker game and is playing with the slot machine. The coins are falling fast. He’s more like someone’s grandfather than a ‘one armed bandit king’. There are 8 men in the bar, three have a full head of hair. I read recently that alcoholics never lose their hair. So that should make all the ‘cappuccino’ men feel better.

I so long to send you my photos, the wine, the storks the amazing bronzes along the Way…

I met up with and over took my new Australian friend earlier today, and from Le Virgen Del Camino I walked with 24 year old Megan, who had come almost on the spur of the moment, she was cold having not brought enough warm clothing, so we walked at a good pace to try and get her warm. She had started her pilgrimage at León and has two weeks, she is hoping to get to Finisterre (the accepted end of the world) then maybe bus back to Santiago for her flight home.

As I entered this village there was a sign that reads Santiago 298 km! It’s 800 km so I am definitely cracking on! It’s an odd feeling, I’ve been walking more than a month now. I’m sort of sad to know that there are more miles behind me than in front of me. What do I do when all the miles are behind me? There will be a future to face, which I feel no where near ready for…….

Love Susan x

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2 Responses to Day 31: Leon to Villadangos Del Paramo

  1. Judy Smith says:

    Susan, I have shared your blog with many of my friends. I am thoroughly enjoying your postings and marvel at this tremendous undertaking to which you have committed. One of my friends is seriously considering doing this and is so appreciative to read about your experiences.

    I am reading Emnity Nurse and am totally engrossed in the book. It’s wonderful and brilliantly put together. You can add me to the chorus of friends and family who deeply admire you and your many talents.

    Know that you are in my thoughts daily and my I wish for you to continue on a safe and successful journey

    Love, Judy

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    • Oh Judy, how very kind you are; I have just arrived at my hotel after a very wet journey. I’m trying to summon up the energy to have a bath, everything hurts today! A thousand blessing to you all x x x.


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