Day 33 Rabanel del Camino. Part one, an update.

First of all thank you Jaymi and Charlie for sorting my blog out so that I can update the missing photographs, and here we go.

El Burgo Ranero

And another pilgrimage cut short…..

And another…

I just love the ‘wine houses’, and can imagine the wine safely maturing in there little earth houses…….

Entering Leon…..

Here’s the bronze of a Bernard in the square, as always reading a book…..

And a pilgrim after his weary journey to Leon….

I love his feet, which look rather like my feet feel….

The monastery…..

The Cathedral at Leon…..

Father stands in awe, son has better things to do than gaze at this magnificent building……

Love the lions expression, talk about the cat that got the cream…..

And this is my new very best friend, I do believe that his side won the match, he was anyway, very happy, very kind and very sweet……

Leaving Leon, ever church tower has at least one storks nest, maybe more as in this case. I wonder what it takes to get the prime position…..

A sight to gladden a pilgrims heart…..

I love this chaps face, he looks like a favourite GP or a bank manager, some one could definitely trust…

and my Way was strewn with Rosemary and wild flowers…, the scent was heavenly…..

A wayside shrine……

Always a cheap bed to be had, if you don’t mind sharing with 20 to 60 others and their snores and their feet……

The water tower that looks like a giant chess piece at Hospital de Orbison

And a welcome sign in that same town

The terrain is changing once again……

An enchanted forest

A taste of what’s to come

The woods, symmetrical and beautiful….

Even the pebbles on the path are beautiful, so many colours…..

Entering San Justo de la Vega…….

And some knitwear inspiration……..

Entering Astoria….

And another Pilgrim…..

The Roman baths at Astoria

The clock in the main square in Astoga, the little figures take it in turn to ring the bell every quarter of an hours…..

Leaving Astoria this morning…..

End of part one x x.

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2 Responses to Day 33 Rabanel del Camino. Part one, an update.

  1. Good to catch up on the photos!


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