Day 35: Reigo de Ambros to Villafranca del Bierzo

First things first. Feet… yesterday with all the rain and snow, my feet were very wet indeed, either the Gore or the Tex in the Gortex has gone west! In one of the mountain villages I spotted a ‘super market’ which in this neck of the woods means a bar with a shelf of bits and pieces, including in this case a tin of Vaseline.

After I’d dried my boots I rubbed Vaseline in the Goretex and in all the seams and today my feet have kept warm and dry. On the other hand, there has been no rain or snow today, so I don’t know if my ploy has worked or not watch this space…….

Last night there was only one other pilgrim in my Pension, a German chap who spoke excellent English, he and our host were chatting away ten to the dozen, after she had left I complimented him on his Spanish, he then told me that he was actually speaking French! Shame on you Susan…..

He wanted an early breakfast so that he could get off, as I didn’t want to inconvenience our lovely lady, I agreed to have an early breakfast too. This was the compensation for getting up early…….


The first part of my journey today was much the same as the last part yesterday, with slippery areas of shale interspersed with huge rocks that were difficult to clamber over…..

On reaching Molinasca, with aching ankles and knees, I stopped for coffee, it was like entering another land, so many of the spring flowers were out…..

Lawns were being mown, guttering cleaned, leaves collected, and it’s so much warmer down here in the valley….

And this tree surely must be inspiration for a cabled sweater…..

Molinasca has two very pretty churches………

It’s full of narrow streets with overhanging windows…….

And has a good selection of bread…… No EU rules about wrapping here, this is in the street exposed to all the elements…..

And on to Ponferrada, where this rotund Pilgrim was making his way forward with his eyes shut…….

Any ideas what this bronze is? Can anyone read Spanish?

The castle is spectacular I could have spent a day just looking around…….

Then to Rio Sil, where this little Church has the brilliant paintings, that look as if they were painted yesterday, perhaps they were……

And on to Villafranca del Bierzo……

Another lovely place, my Hostel is right opposite the castle, and this is the view from my window…..

I am very tired, my body is beginning to complain! I having a rest day in Ocebreiro, which I am much looking forward to I guessed this is the way I go…

Love Susan x

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