Day 40: Triacastela to Sarria

An important day today. Sarria is about 115 km from Santiago, one has to have walked the last 100 km to qualify for a Compostela, so this is the last point that one can begin the Camino, without these 100 km the other 685 km just don’t count……. I also have to get two stamps a day on my Pilgrims passport from now on; so a few more coffee breaks will be needed…….

Today was an early start as breakfast began at 7am and, as hot weather was forecast, shall I say that again? As hot weather was forecast! I decided to get an early start…

Oh what to wear? Swop the woollen hat for the Tilly hat that has languished at the bottom of my pack for 40 days, but then what? Reduce by one layer? Two? Take a coat as it’s always chilly first thing. Don’t take a coat and trust the forecast? In the end I wore two under layers and fished my unused blouse out for a third layer. Okay, fine, but what if the forecast was wrong, I quite unnecessarily put my fleece on the top. Which I wore to the top of the first hill then carried it around my waist for the rest of the day…. It’s just not easy being a pilgrim……..

Sorry to inflict this on you, but another selfie, note the colour of the sky…..

The sky was pink when I set off….

The brooks were babbling……

The sun shining on the distant hills……

Up, and up, and up…..

A pilgrims resting place halfway up the hill….

I met these young fellows at Samos, there didn’t have much to say for themselves……

There was a bit of a tricky stream to negotiate narrow paths above water are just not my thing…..

And more pretty cows…

And here the rape is out, how could I have been fighting the snow just a few days ago? ….

But then again the fir trees do look all set for Christmas…….

I have heard from the Pilgrim’s forum that there is quite bad flooding behind me and at this set of stepping stones the water was so high that it washed one Pilgrim into the river and were it not for three strong Pilgrims one chap would certainly have been swept away. I apologise for the picture quality…..

So although the weather hasn’t been so good on many days, at least I didn’t have this to contend with……

Today I walked for a while with a dear Spanish couple, perhaps just a little younger than me, they obviously had a good marriage. The downhill was very steep and we were all having some problems with creaky knees. I was slower uphill so they were ahead, they were slower downhill so I was in front of them, we met and criss-crossed all the time, no verbal communication was possible, but that matters little when hearts are all of one accord. They were going on to the next place so we parted with hugs and “Buen Camino” life just doesn’t get better than that…

Last night, I once again met up with Janet and Robert, the Dutch couple who had got a little lost in the morning; they were staying at the same Pension as me. They have both been married before, he with four children she with three. They have decided to move in together and have bought a house and are busy converting it to accommodate all the children. Before they begin their new life they decided they would walk the Camino, as a foundation for their future lives together. I can’t think of a better one…..

Charlie is flying to Santiago tomorrow and then joining me at Portomarin. It’s again forecast to be a good sunny day with highs of 24 degrees. Thursday’s forecast is for thunder storms, that’s one I haven’t tried yet!….

Reflections on my journey to date…. have I changed? It’s said that the Camino changes everyone, in some ways it’s a glimpse of a perfect existence. A moving community that has only each other’s interests at heart. And although the body is taxed to its limit and there is certainly some physical pain, the mind can focus; I have had to choose what to carry forward with me into the future and choose what to leave behind. At first I didn’t understand why Pilgrims placed stones in little heaps by the side of the road and at the foot of crosses, but very soon I was doing it too. The little stones that I leave behind represent the burdens that I have been carrying with me, some burdens so heavy that going forward has at times seemed almost impossible…. I place stones there for friends that I know who are also grieving, hoping that by doing so their burdens might be lighter, they don’t know about it, it’s called faith…. yes, I have changed and I still have more changing to do in the next six days and beyond that, we all have the capacity to change, to become better more loving, more caring people……..

I wish you all peace, joy, courage, hope, and confidence…..

Love Susan x

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8 Responses to Day 40: Triacastela to Sarria

  1. You are looking so good. We can’t believe how far you have come. We are confident you will manage to finish the Camino, because you are a strong, lovely lady. Lol m& s xxxx

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  2. Barbara Brown says:

    Love the pictures and selfie. The hat is rakish and suits you. I am so excited on your behalf, 115k to go and Charlie joining you. I shall relay the news to all who ask after you. Enjoy the sun, we have sun here just now and tomorrow afternoon is the inaugural game of the Well Being pitch and putt team. No we are not in training for the Olympics just yet. God Bless Barbara xxx


  3. dognotforget says:

    Well Susan, you made it, how wonderful that Charlie joined you on the final days.
    Now for your next challenge, I wonder what that will be?
    much love and hugs from Australia,


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